James Rodríguez and Gareth Bale, in a warm up for Real Madrid

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On April 16, 2014, the world of soccer was stunned by a career. In Mestalla the final of the Copa del Rey. Barcelona against him Real Madrid. The two best teams and the best squads in the world face to face. Equality was maximum and everything foreshadowed an extension as it had happened three years before with the same protagonists and on the same stage. But he avoided it Gareth Bale, author of that race.

It was the Welsh footballer’s first year at Real Madrid. It arrived in summer from Tottenham in exchange for 90 million euros, which made him the most expensive player in history behind Cristiano Ronaldo. Behind him already had 38 games and 19 goals for white. A premiere that promised and had its confirmation in that goal in the final of the Copa del Rey.

Coentrao it gave exit to the ball from the left band. There was Bale, who in that final was the leader in attack in the absence of Cristiano Ronaldo. With a subtle touch on the midfield line the ball was thrown on the run and the Welshman’s gallop surpassed Marc Bartra. It was the 88th minute but there was still gas in Bale’s legs for that race. Thus he traveled the entire half of the field and with the toe he beat Pinto.

Bale, on top

His goal, the 20th with the Real Madrid shirt, gave the Copa del Rey a white team. Less than 40 days later the second golden chapter of the Welshman as a merengue footballer would arrive. In Lisbon raised his first Champions League, The tenth. That final against Atleti will be remembered for the header of Sergio Ramos in the 93 ‘, but also for Bale’s in the extension that meant 2-1 in favor. That’s where the final ended.

Six years ago the best of Real Madrid was seen. His subsequent trajectory cannot be faulted. He has won everything and has been a direct participant in many of the successes of the second golden era in the history of the white club. His goal in the semifinals of Champions against him Manchester City in 2016 and of course his recital in the final of Kiev before him Liverpool (La Decimotercera) with a Chilean goal included will be kept forever in the history of Madrid and the Champions League.

Bale’s progressive fall

But Bale’s career at Real Madrid leaves a bittersweet flavor. Because I can give even more and for this ending. The Bale of six years ago is very different from today. It has been losing importance season after season to the point of being the center of criticism in these last two. Cristiano’s departure opened doors for him to be the absolute star of the team, but he missed the opportunity and was diluted between injuries and controversies.

James Rodríguez and Gareth Bale, in a warm up for Real Madrid


Bale no longer talks about his goals, only his departure from Real Madrid. Also of “Wales. Golf. Madrid. In that orderFew understand his performance on the field. That he has become so inconsequential on the field of play. Injuries crushed his physics throughout this stage in Madrid, but his head gradually distanced him from football.

What comes for Bale is another summer of negotiations to leave Madrid. Finding a destination has become a vital matter for the club. For his record, the Brexit and the relationship with Zidane, who seems totally broken. In fairness, Bale deserves a place in the history of the white club, but now the priority is to make way for other stars to return Madrid to the top. And there they are.



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