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Last March the Champions League It closed, like practically the rest of national and continental competitions, with still not knowing all the teams that passed the rounds of the knockout stages. Manchester City – Real Madrid, Barcelona – Naples, Bayern Munich – Chelsea and Juventus – Olympique Lyon they have no winner.

Those who did get the quarter ticket are the Atlético de Madrid, the PSG, the RB Leipzig and the Atalanta. These wait for the table to be completed for the draw to occur to know the pairings for the next round. And it is that there are still to be disputed half of the eighths and the quarters, semifinals and final. Virtually the entire final phase.

The UEFA has been studying, together with its member Federations, the possible schedule for the return of national competitions, as well as the Champions and the Europa League. It will be the leagues that finish first, and then focus all the limelight on the continental tournaments.

There is still no firm decision. In the coming days, new meetings will be held to clarify what will happen, but while in countries like Germany They have already returned to training with restrictions, it is expected that something similar can happen for example in Spain from the month of May.

Yes The league aims to return throughout June, the month of August is reserved, if possible, exclusively for the Champions League. First the qualifying rounds would still come, they would be the ones with which the maximum continental competition would return. These would be held between August 7 and 8.

Later, on the 11th and 12th of that month the first leg matches of the quarterfinals would be played, to play the round between the 14th and the 15th. From there will come the four best teams that will face each other in two different semifinals: the 18 and 19, the duels going; the 21 and 22, those of return. The final would take place then, in the Istanbul Ataturk Stadium, August 29th.

Doubts and a ‘but’

It remains to be decided how the remainder of the final phase will be played. That is, if there will be a single venue for all matches or will continue to be played in the fields of the teams in the competition. The formula of the unique headquarters has been discussed in recent weeks, although it would be necessary to find the ideal place to celebrate it and with which everyone agrees.

Three weeks to solve the competition and with a great handicap: the heat. The high temperatures expected for the eighth month of the year play against soccer players. However, there is no other possible solution for the Champions 2019/2020 to know a worthy ending. In favor, the parties would be held without sunlight, since the matches of these decisive rounds are played at 9:00 p.m.

Sergio Ramos and De Bruyne, at Real Madrid - Manchester City of the Champions League

Sergio Ramos and De Bruyne, at Real Madrid – Manchester City of the Champions League


The Champions League will be played like this in the month that the Tokyo Olympics. These were postponed to the summer of 2021 under the threat of coronavirus and the impossibility of athletes, the true protagonists, to train with guarantees for the most important event for them, which takes place every four years.

August sets aside the long-awaited Games in 2020 to focus on the Champions League. The maximum continental competition is usually played this month … but in the previous rounds before the start of a new season. Now this mandatory change arises that will postpone the start of the 2020/2021 campaign until mid-October.

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