Beckham, Figo, Zidane, Raúl and Ronaldo: Los Galacticos

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Again Instagram He has witnessed a meeting between soccer legends. This time Ronaldo It has brought together several of the best players of the 21st century. And, precisely, he shared a wardrobe with them in the one known as the Real Madrid from ‘The galactics’.

Missing Zidane or Raul, current Real Madrid technicians and Castile, but others like the legendary Brazilian striker joined the party Beckham, Roberto Carlos, Figo or Casillas. A delight for soccer lovers and, above all, for those of the Concha Espina club.

Also joined a Infantino who spoke about the calendar: “Let’s first recover. It is responsible to take a step back first because health comes first. The stage has to be set and when the government says it can, we will set it. If there is a risk, it will not be played. “

David Beckham


I’m fine. My family is perfect. These are difficult times with Miami because it is the first season. We have to wait for what the government says. Miami is a special place with special people, it has things from Madrid, United … The stadium is very cozy. “

Past at Real Madrid

“My most important move was going from Manchester to Madrid. I was very comfortable in Madrid. Brazil has the best players. I really like the Brazilian people. The Brazilians were important in my time in Madrid.”

Iker Casillas

Heart attack

My scare was tremendous. I was lucky that it was in training camp and the doctor acted very quickly and that’s why he saved my life. I am grateful to everyone. It was a gray but thankful day. If it happened to me somewhere else, surely I wouldn’t be here talking to you. “

Elections to the RFEF

“Let’s go calmly. Now we have to wait for now.”

Luis Figo


“You always have to think positive. There are some days more complicated than others and we all have to strengthen ourselves. It is a difficult situation also in Portugal despite the fact that in other countries there are more cases. Spain and Italy are worse than in Portugal. Betting on a team like Valladolid is still a risk, but being there is a good thing for the fans. Now, you have to make the club grow and stay in First Division “.

Memories of Real Madrid

“All the years we spent together were special. The atmosphere was good and we had a lot of talent in the squad. Each one knew their role and their position within the club. There we had some great moments. The time of the Galacticos is not going away To repeat. Football is unpredictable and gives a lot of uncertainty, that’s why it’s so beautiful. We all knew what our role was. In some places they wanted to kill us like in Pamplona. We had the opportunity to gather talent and also very human people.

Beckham, Figo, Zidane, Raúl and Ronaldo: Los Galacticos


Roberto Carlos


“Thank God I’m fine. We have lost many friends like Lorenzo Sanz. We have to be strong in this difficult time and help each other.”

Real Madrid career

“I remember my time in Madrid very fondly. There were great players like Beckham, Zizou and you. It was fantastic that we all agreed.”



“In Valladolid I have a lot of suffering, but I am also very happy about this challenge because I want to do incredible things. I still have a lot of work to do. The previous structure was very precarious. We are improving the training of young players, especially. It is difficult to compete with medium and large clubs whose financial capital is larger. We are trying to spend little money because we don’t have more. “

The league

“We don’t know how the League will end. The teams need two or three weeks to train. We would have to wait until August to play.”

Real Madrid

“The stage of ‘Los Galacticos’ was unique, the best stage of my life. Real Madrid is the largest in the world. Injuries always gave me war. With ‘Los Galacticos’ I had a second life.”

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