Van de Beek with Ajax

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The future of Donny Van de Beek still open. That is what has ensured Guido Albers, player’s agent, in conversation with Voetbal International. Although a few months ago everything seemed on track for him to play in the Real Madrid The next season, there have been two factors that have paralyzed everything: the consequences of the break and the player’s doubts about his role as a target.

Guido Albers has given voice to that uncertainty regarding the Dutchman’s future: “What is going to happen to Donny? No one knows at the moment,” he told Voetbal International. In addition to Real Madrid, the Manchester United it takes time behind him. The whites, yes, had the advantage of having a pre-agreement with the Ajax and the footballer himself.

“The interest, which is known, has been there from various clubs for a long time. We will see what will come out in the coming weeks. I dare not say anything about it and I cannot say anything about it, also because some things are confidential” He added about the ongoing negotiations.

Van de Beek with Ajax


With everything paralyzed by the coronavirus, he assumes that some team may back down in hiring Van de Beek: “The situation per club will have changed and we have to look closely at that,” he said. The Dutch footballer was priced between 50-60 million euros before the break.

Van de Beek’s decision

“It is positive for him that he is very good at everything. I think it is important for Donny to make a decision based on his own feeling, where he thinks where he fits in best and where he will be most successful. That he did it last year and what It will be next summer, “he said of any doubts the player may have about his fate.

Finally, Albers did not want to close the door to a continuity in Ajax: “And do not forget that Ajax is the club he came to as a young player. And it is not a punishment to play for Ajax. He will also take this into account,” he concluded.

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