Achraf Hakimi, in a match for Borussia Dortmund

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Soccer returned this weekend to Germany after the break caused by the coronavirus, being the Bundesliga the first major European league where the ball rolled again.

After a 66-day hiatus due to the Covid-19 and with highly conditioned preparation, the Bundesliga resumed behind closed doors on Saturday with very high health prevention measures. Germany thus marked a path between inevitable uncertainty.

The great match of the day was Borussia Dortmund Schalke, with victory for the local team 4-0. Achraf and Haaland they were two of the most outstanding players of the match. The Norwegian player made the first goal and the Moroccan was a continuous headache for his rival due to his numerous alternates on the right wing, all this added to his great defensive work.

Achraf’s future

Real Madrid closely follow the evolution of both Achraf and Haaland, as they could wear the white shirt in the future. The Moroccan player, like what happened to Carvajal, he has become a man in Germany and next season his loan ends, so he has to return to the Real Madrid. So far, in two years, he has played a total of 66 games and has scored 10 goals.

The player has confessed his desire to return to dispute the position with Carvajal, although he could also play on the left side. From their closest environment they have hinted that they already have conditions to succeed at Real Madrid, and as EL BERNABÉU advanced, Real Madrid has him.

Achraf Hakimi, in a match for Borussia Dortmund


“He is made to play for Real Madrid without a doubt. He is one of the best wingers in the world and will end up being the best. He is a unique player,” he said a few days ago. José María Relucio ‘Relu’, Dortmund player in an interview at ACE.

“Achraf is the best right back in the world along with Trent Alexander-Arnold. All the great teams in Europe want it and, of course, Real Madrid is one of them. But Borussia Dortmund is still an option for us. We have to wait now, “he said. Alejandro Camano in statements to Sky.

Another option that Real Madrid is considering is that he enter into a hypothetical operation with Haaland and stay in Germany, so Dortmund would end up buying the Moroccan player.

All this would make the Norwegian end up calling the white team to form a couple with Benzema and Hazard. In the event that this occurs, Odriozola I would have more options to return.

Odriozola’s doubt

The former Real Sociedad player made it to the white team in 2018 after his great years in the Basque team and to dispute the ownership of Carvajal. In his first season as a white player he played 22 games and scored a goal. In his second year he barely counted for Zidane since he played only 5 games, Carvajal always being above him, so he was transferred to Bayern in January of this year.

Álvaro Odriozola, with Bayern Munich

Álvaro Odriozola, with Bayern Munich


At the moment he has barely played, he has only played two games, and both he and Real Madrid have to see how much he will play in this season finale (Bayern redebuts this Sunday in the Bundesliga).

If Achraf does eventually return, Odriozola would be loaned out again including a buy-back sale, but if the Moroccan player doesn’t return, his options to wear the white jersey again grow.

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