Achraf, with Borussia Dortmund

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The future of Achraf Hakimi remains an unknown. The Moroccan player counts for the plans of the Real Madrid Looking ahead to the coming season after his two-year assignment at the Dortmund where his soccer level has grown becoming one of the best defenses in the world given, in part, to his great versatility to be able to play on either side of the wings.

Achraf’s goal is to play at Real Madrid and win with the white team shirt, but at Dortmund they would be delighted that he could stay on the team. Of course, if so, Haaland could enter the operation for the Norwegian to sign for the white box.

Alejandro Camano, Achraf representative, has given an interview to The One Party, of Onda Madrid, in which he spoke of the Moroccan winger’s career and his future in Madrid.

Achraf, with Borussia Dortmund


“What they constantly tell me is that Achraf is among those players who needed them to be trained. Madrid does it very well, sending on loan to other places so that they return as footballers. Achraf has had to coincide with Carvajal, a champion of the world, of an impressive quality. That is why they considered that the best thing that could happen to him was to train, accumulate matches. Achraf has proven to be a different player. This year he has made extraordinary matches and this has given him the award that all the media Look at him. Somehow he has all the options to return to Madrid knowing that there is one of the best wingers in the world, “he said.

Want to be important

What the footballer has wanted to make clear whenever he has had an opportunity throughout this course is that wherever he goes the objective is to continue being important. In Dortmund he knows that this role is assured. A temptation to which the alternative of Bayern Munich.

“We have as information that the loan ends and that he will join Madrid. What will happen in the future? Achraf wants to play games, he is the only one from Dortmund who has always been a starter. We have to analyze the situation, there is no hurry He is very young, very good, but you have to play games. What we do not want is to get too far from Madrid. We will reach an agreement for whatever, but thinking of playing at some point in what for him is the best team of the world, Real Madrid, “he said.

Competition with Carvajal

With Odriozola loaned in the Bayern, if Achraf finally ends up at Real Madrid, he will have to earn the right-back position with Carvajal, although he can also play on the left side.

It was at Real Madrid where Carvajal became a man after being on loan at Leverkusen Previously: “Carvajal’s experience marked a before and after and now many Spaniards are going to Germany. Everything has turned out perfect.”

Achraf Hakimi, in a match for Borussia Dortmund

Achraf Hakimi, in a match for Borussia Dortmund


“Achraf debuts with Morocco at 18, he already saw elite ways. The experience in Germany it’s very good. I loved him all over Europe: English, Italians, Germans … Dortmund seemed to me the ideal place, in a city not very big, a large crowd … I already had to feel the feeling of the people, of the pressure in the field . It was the best university. It has given him peace of mind, confidence and we are super grateful. He has become a man, “said Camano.

Your renewal

Achraf renewal is another topic being talked about these days. The Moroccan player has two more years left at Real Madrid and Camano also spoke of that.

“He has a contract until 2022. The relationship with Madrid is very professional, intelligent. They have not told me anything to renew, but when they tell me it will arise. It does not depend on the contractual situation but on football. Zidane knows him perfectly, talks to he, have a magnificent relationship, his children coincided with the Real Madrid Castile… For Achraf, Madrid is home. What happens will be for everyone’s benefit, “he said.

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