Dani Carvajal steals a ball from Jordi Alba

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The Spanish Dani Carvajal He acknowledged that the return to activity after two months of halt due to the coronavirus pandemic “is good news for everyone” although he acknowledged that the situation “had not been easy”, after completing the fifth training after the new start March.

“It has not been an easy situation. Returning is good news for everyone, especially seeing the faces of the teammates, the coaching staff and the club workers is a positive sign,” he declared in Real Madrid TV.

“I remember the first day and we had a hard time mastering the ball. At the end, at home you cannot train the same as here on the field, but we will go little by little. We must follow the protocol that dictates The league, be careful and respectful with the rules and try to get rhythm with the ball and without the ball, “he said.

Dani Carvajal steals a ball from Jordi Alba


Carvajal also assured that the return of football in Germany, who resumes his competition tomorrow Saturday, will set the pace for the rest: “It is good news for the sport and the world of football. We are all waiting to see what that start is like. I hope it turns out well and serves as an example for the rest of the world. countries, “he said.

In addition, the Madrid footballer recalled how he lived the achievement of the ninth Champions League of the club, of which this Friday turns 18 years old: “I lived it in my house with my family, that match with the goals of Zidane and of Raul and how he saved us Iker Casillas at the end. It was an epic finale, “he declared.

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