Casemiro, against Betis

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As i said Guardiola of Iniesta: “Andrés eats separately. He does not wear earrings, he does not paint his hair, he plays for 20 minutes and he does not complain … He is the example. This is what I tell the boys: ‘Look at Iniesta'”. These words could well be addressed to Casemiro. A different and self-made player. That he went through a hard childhood and that soccer saved him from the clutches of poverty.

Become a pillar of Real Madrid, the midfielder is one of the dressing room heavyweights. His role in the field gives him more and more gallons and Zidane He does not hide by giving him a place in the spine of his team. Not only the French coach trusts him, from the club, as they did at the end of last season with Kroos, they will also reward the sacrifice and delivery of Casemiro. No one wants to lose him and he doesn’t want to leave either.

The PSG already tried to seduce him in his day and found a firm refusal. Casemiro is comfortable and happy at Real Madrid. But also, despite that humble and shy character that characterizes him, he does not hesitate to stand up for the team when they are badly given. Like Sergio Ramos or Marcelo, is usually one of the usual stars at the foot of the field when a puncture occurs.

Casemiro, against Betis


Last March, just in the defeat against the Betis prior to the break of The league causing the loss of leadership, Casemiro spoke loudly and clearly. A few words of self-criticism that Madrid fans applauded: “To win La Liga you have to play every game well and today we don’t play well. If the rival is superior, they played better, we must congratulate them and keep working because we have not lived up to it from the last game, we haven’t played like against Barcelona. “

A silent leader

Ramos, Marcelo, Benzema and Varane they are the captains. But other names like Carvajal or Modric They are also authorized voices in the Madrid outfit. They can be joined by a Casemiro who has also acted in recent years as the individual godfather of young people who have come from Brazil. Vinicius, Rodrygo or Reinier More recently they have always said that their compatriot helps them in any way they can.

“The players on my team are my second family, there is no greater affection for one or the other. They are all my friends and our common goal is to always win. When you are with a family there is nothing more beautiful”, said Casemiro during this period of confinement and stoppage of competitions and training.

Casemiro shooting a high ball

Casemiro shooting a high ball


Casemiro is satisfied with his work and it is that if he stands out for something it is for his dedication and sacrifice, both when he plays with Real Madrid and when he plays with the Canarinha: “I have done my best, I am very calm because I have given everything. That has to be brought to life, not just football. Then you can win or lose, but you always have to give your best.”

Fixed in Madrid

Despite the fact that there are many names that are placed in the orbit of Real Madrid and that a midfielder is sought to give him rest, no one can remove the fixed label from Casemiro in the present of the white team and also in the future. Since last summer left Marcos Llorente, the Brazilian has not had a natural replacement in the meringue squad.

Talk about Camavinga like this piece that would come to the white house to compete with Casemiro. The Rennes he refuses to let go of his great pearl, while it is no secret that the young midfielder likes in Concha Espina. Despite the fact that this incorporation ends up taking place or not, what no one doubts is that the Brazilian has some time at Real Madrid.

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