Nacho Fernández, in a Real Madrid training

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The Brazilian Carlos Henrique Casemiro was optimistic about the possibility of retaking The league, with the aim of making it June 12, according to its president, Javier Thebes, as long as they comply with the measures and added that the return of soccer is “important for society”.

“It is a very important step not only for soccer, but also for society, to demonstrate and teach people that it is possible. It is not only playing soccer, it is also being people on the street. I think if we comply the measures that we must have, we will be able to return, “he declared in Realmadrid tv on the return this Saturday of the league in Germany and the future return in Spain.

Madrid ended its first week of training on Saturday, after a two-month hiatus due to the coronavirus, but the Brazilian considered that the footballers did not stop during this period.

Nacho Fernández, in a Real Madrid training

“The work at home was important and we did the things that the club and the coaching staff passed to us. The people are working well and it shows in the return that the players have worked at home. The physical part has been maintained and that is demonstrated inside the grass, “he said.

A time when solidarity was important, as Casemiro pointed out: “I have tried to help people as much as possible because of the difficult time we are going through. Not only me, the other players and Madrid too, that is the most important thing Also get a smile from people in a moment as difficult as the one we are going through. “

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