Dani Ceballos, in an Arsenal match

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Dani Ceballos he has not been able to take advantage of his year in the Premier League. The Andalusian was leaving address London to hit the table and show that he was an epochal player, but this year he has only encountered problems. It is not being an easy year for anyone due to the circumstances that have marked society, but for that of Utrera, even less.

A brilliant start to the season that had been worth for the stands to dedicate a song to him was cut short by an injury. Ceballos acknowledged that it has been one of the most frustrating moments of his career and not even the affection he received in Madrid to recover, he calmed the concern about the break. His experience in Arsenal he would live several tripping of which it was difficult for him to get up.

With Emery out and trouble rejoining the dynamic with Mikel Arteta, the coronavirus hovered over Ceballos to finish undermining the season that had to be confirmed in his still short history. With all the doubts surrounding the return of the Premier, the midfielder looks at the future at the same time in search of finding illusion.

Come back and succeed

If this campaign has been worth anything to Ceballos it is to become mentally strong. While waiting for the season to restart in the Premier after the passage of the Covid-19, thinks about his future, which will obviously lead him to return to Real Madrid. That is something that you have assured, but another question will be to stay the season 2020/2021 whole.

Dani Ceballos, in an Arsenal match


Ceballos’s first objective is to try to convince Zidane to have options next season. Her relationship with French is not entirely clear. The French sent him on loan this summer to try to find reasons to trust him. But the apparent lack of communication between the two parties does not invite being very optimistic.

Everything goes through the signings I can make, but, above all, the exits. The club has some sales planned, including one that could be yours if an important offer arrives. But the change in landscape caused by the coronavirus complicates everything.

His house

Ceballos is also no stranger to the market options it has. Some girlfriends have turned up despite their intermittent year. Especially the Seville for Julen Lopetegui who seems convinced of its good performance. Your categorical “no” through your account Twitter has served to remove them from the list. And this has turned on both the white fans who want him in the team and those who wait for him in what has always been his home.

Dani Ceballos celebrates a goal at Benito Villamarín apologizing to the stands

Dani Ceballos celebrates a goal at Benito Villamarín apologizing to the stands

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The option that most convinces the midfielder is the Real Betis. The player left his home for the challenge of Real Madrid, although some did not think it was too good in the Benito Villamarín. Ceballos does not hide his love for the 13 bars and it would be the way out that he would not mind putting aside his ambition to succeed at Real Madrid.

The problem of his salary and the transfer are the great barriers that the Verdiblanco team faces when deciding to launch for Ceballos. The midfielder is torn between these two options that do not depend entirely on him, but that will definitely define the future of his career. Real Madrid will have an important overbooking next season and the steps they have taken Fede Valverde and Martin Odegaard They have not helped him at all.

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