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The lack of football causes more rumors about possible transfers between the clubs despite the bad economic situation that the coronavirus stoppage is causing. One of the formulas that is venturing so that there can be movements in the market are barter between teams, that is, promoting the exchange of players.

Professionals often ignore rumors that are released from the press and much more when they are seen through social networks. Real Madrid, above other teams, has especially more possible transfers. Given this, it is not common for a player to react to a news story, but this Friday it happened with Dani Ceballos.

The Real Madrid player on loan at Arsenal has reacted on his Twitter account to a news that placed him in Seville with Sergio Reguilón in an operation that ended with Lucas Ocampos in the white team. Ceballos’s beticismo is known to all, so the shots, rather than ruling out his departure from the Chamartín club, go more for one more example of his love for Real Betis.

The player only thinks for now about ending the season in the Premier League. Although his hope is still to succeed at Real Madrid, even more with the possibilities that open up with the possible exits in the midfield of Zinedine Zidane, everything indicates that the plans go through a new assignment due to the lack of opportunities caused by his injury, rather than for his permanence in the first squad for next season.

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