Chicharito posing with the Mexico jersey. Photo: Instagram (ch14_instagram).

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Chicharito ended up in the Real Madrid the 2014/2015 season after passing through the Manchester United where he was for five seasons. In the white set he played a total of 33 games and scored nine goals. For his part, in the English team he played 157 games and scored 59 goals.

Currently defends the jersey of LA Galaxy after passing through the Seville. The Mexican player has never hidden his ‘love’ for Real Madrid, since he spent a beautiful stage in Santiago Bernabeu, and has spoken of the differences between the Madrid team and the English.

“The difference between both teams is the culture that exists in Spain and in England. It’s just an assessment, it’s not something that means a club is more or less, “he said.

Chicharito posing with the Mexico jersey. Photo: Instagram (ch14_instagram).

“The way of life in England is a little bit calmer and a little bit closer. In Spain it is all as if it were more Latino and the culture is more open and they are more exposed,” he said.

“At United I never felt that the exterior was as massive as it really was. You know there are not many fans out there, there is not much press, there is no news leaking and you can walk a lot in Manchester, where they respect you more. In Spain you they respect, but they are more like my country since they want things from you and always someone to take photos of themselves, “he concluded.

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