Real Madrid celebrate a goal in the final against Juventus in Cardiff

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The autobiography of Giorgio Chiellini keep leaving topics to talk about. In the book Io, Giorgio (Me, Giorgio), the Italian defender leaves some former teammates like Mario Balotelli or Felipe Melo and talks about the most outstanding chapters of his sports career. One of them is the last final of Champions League who played with the Juventus in 2017 against the Real Madrid.

Chiellini dedicates part of his autobiography to that final that was played in Cardiff and that ended with the white victory by 1-4. In that match, the team then led by Massimiliano Allegri withstood Madrid’s attacks in the first half, but sank in the second half. This is the explanation that Chiellini gives to that:

“There has been a lot of talk about Cardiff in the famous lost Champions League final against Real Madrid. Well, nothing strange happened. We were just tired. Why would we have stopped fighting after reaching the draw? For what? No we were losing 3-0 and even then it wouldn’t have made sense, “he says.

Real Madrid celebrate a goal in the final against Juventus in Cardiff


He continues: “We were extremely exhausted after the first half, Mandzukic fell to the ground. Pjanic barely lived. We were out of breath. We told ourselves we were going to come back. It was 1-1 but then it ended dramatically.” He adds: “Nothing sensational happened during the break. No one fought. We lost because we were exhausted. The finals always come too late for us.”

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