Cristo González, prepared to launch a penalty this season with SD Huesca

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If the First division It is a great trail of players who have passed through the lower categories of the Real Madrid, the Second division it’s a good first test for many of those future stars coming out of Valdebebas. That is the case, for example, of Christ Gonzalez.

The Canarian striker left the ranks of Real Madrid this past summer. Christ was leaving for Italy to start a new stage in the Cagliari. Even so, the option to continue growing in Spain in Huesca. The striker arrived to help the team from Huesca in order to ascend again and be important in an important project such as the one that the Aragonese team has set out in search of completing that objective.

Christ has taken advantage of the opportunities he has had in a high quality lead. The 22-year-old attacker has scored three goals in less than a thousand minutes with which he had before the break by the coronavirus. After a training session in which she is gradually recovering to normal, she attends to THE SPANISH to reveal how his de-escalation is and the secrets of his stage in the white entity.

Cristo González, prepared to launch a penalty this season with SD Huesca

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You are already training in a group, I imagine that the sensations are getting better

One day closer to competing again. It is more similar to what soccer itself is. The first training sessions were quite different, but we are already recovering normality.

Were you able to go to the islands to quarantine or did you spend it in Huesca?

No, no, in Huesca. The club did not want us to leave and we agreed. It was not the thing to go.

Has quarantining gotten a little tougher because of that or are you already used to being away from home?

It’s my job. I was already psyched up. It is a negative experience from which positive things must be drawn. I was trying to make the most of the time possible. I also watched movies and series to clear myself up. I trained a lot and took care of my diet. I tried not to change much of the routine I had before all this happened.

I imagine you really wanted to return, especially because of those promotion options. Did you ever worry about the season being canceled?

We still have to work on them, we are there. We must come back stronger than we were. There was always the possibility that the season would not resume. There is nothing worse than being in doubt. In the end everything went well, everything was correct. It seems that the virus is being controlled and we can return in adequate conditions.

You haven’t had any coronavirus issues on the template, have you?

Yes, we were lucky that everything went well. No one caught or anyone related to the players. The club was greatly benefited in that regard. We thank God that we have all been able to return and that we are enjoying this new normal.

Were you afraid to train again?

I respect no. It was something else. We had to be very careful and we have to keep going with the same care. We are facing a new situation, we have no experience. You have to go slowly seeing what happens.

Cristo González, in a Castilla match

Cristo González, in a Castilla match

In Germany everything has returned to normal without new cases, does it still give you some respect?

We can never be safe. It is a new situation. But we are prepared to face any situation and we hope to return in a positive way.

Do you see yourselves in three weeks returning to the competition?

I think so. We are working for it. Then there will be physical and medical trainers who will have to decide if it is the best or not. But I do see myself ready in three weeks.

What do physios and doctors tell you?

The problem is that we depend on a lot of people. LaLiga, the Government … there are many people who have to agree. The risk is always there, you have to minimize it as much as possible. I trust them.

Are you pro or anti concentrations?

Everything seems to me well to add and contribute. If this provides security for football so that it can return, it will be done.

It seems that you will have to complete the season with matches every three days, how do you see it in the dressing room?

It is something beautiful, different, different. We are really looking forward, it is what we like, to play. We will have to prepare ourselves as best we can to meet this challenge.

How do you see the group, how has the break in your mood emotionally?

Morale is intact. The objective is the promotion from the first day that we all meet. Nothing has changed and we believe we can do it.

Will trends change a lot compared to how the teams were before the break?

Yes. It’s a whole new season of 11 games. You have to prepare as well as possible and face it with an open mind.

Cristo González, during his debut with Real Madrid

Cristo González, during his debut with Real Madrid

You are a player who arrived on loan, has your perspective for the future changed during this break?

No. I am focused on doing my best and helping Huesca to climb, is what I set out to do this year. That’s the mindset I started with and it won’t change until we get the challenge.

In principle, are you going to stay with that or are you planning to stay in Huesca?

It is secondary. I want to move up, the club has treated me very well and I am giving my all for Huesca. In the end we are all smiling for now and hopefully it will continue like this for a long time.

You were at Castilla, you made your debut with the first team, how was your departure from Real Madrid?

I faced it as a challenge. It is an opportunity and I still see it today. I went to Udinese because the project was the most attractive. I decided to leave on loan to Huesca for the same reason. I am looking to grow, develop as a player and continue to exceed different goals.

I imagine that leaving motivated you and that you want to show that you could be useful in the future for Real Madrid.

Not only for Real Madrid, for any top-level team. It is the illusion that moves me. Young players who want to succeed in football have that mentality and we look for that step forward wherever.

How was your last season when you also counted for the first team?

It was very special. In the end, I took the season very seriously. I changed the chip, my power and everything was reflected. I scored goals, I performed very well. I took advantage of my opportunity and I am very happy. So now I have stepped forward.

Cristo González celebrates a goal with Real Madrid Castilla

Cristo González celebrates a goal with Real Madrid Castilla

What was your most special moment at Real Madrid?

I would highlight my scoring debut against Melilla in the Copa del Rey. It was a nice memory. It is what has most marked me. Debut and above frame. It will always be there.

You lived a cycle in which the first team was changing a lot

The wardrobe is always incredible. Although there are better or worse moments, the players do not change. The level of those players makes you realize where you are and you enjoy the experience.

Who was the player in that locker room who helped you the most?

In the end it was us who were going to help. But there were several Spanish players who welcomed us very well. I laughed a lot with Isco, he helped me a lot. I felt like one more. I would stay with him and Sergio Ramos. Sergio would highlight the personality he has. Isco impressed me technically. Think faster than everyone else. It has incredible technical quality. You learn a lot from them.

You were in a Castilla that was struggling to return to Second, which player do you think can go further than your generation?

You never know, we all have projection, but a lot can happen. You have to know how to take advantage of it and keep improving. If I had to stay with a player who has the quality to get high, it’s Franchu Feullasier. He is a very good friend of mine, but he is also very good. Now he came out of a major injury, I think he has a lot to give the football.

Christ after his goal against Melilla

Christ after his goal against Melilla


You shared minutes with Vini in that first season in Madrid, how was that player?

He came nervous. He was a great player, but he was quite nervous. Then it was released and we saw the quality it had. It was easy to get along with a player of that level.

He is a player who receives a lot of criticism for not being so lucky in front of goal, do you think he will surprise everyone?

I think that criticism will make him stronger. In the end, it depends on how you take those criticisms. He should face them positively. There are people who have the goal innately. The definition can be improved and you will surely end up taking it.

That they tell you if the goal is innate

I have been quite lucky in front of goal. I think the goal is carried inside, but you also have to look for it and it depends on the teammates. In the end it is a team, we all help each other. The truth is that I am happy with what I did in my last year at Castilla and with what I am doing now.

You also spent a lot of time with Sergio Reguilón, how is he?

It is as shown, it is natural, transparent. He is a person who lives life with joy and transmits it to others. I would define it like this. He’s a very good person. As a footballer I would define him as a gifted. It is an SUV, it is very intense, very physical.

Do you see him ready to return to Real Madrid?

I think he has shown it. It is having a very good year and it was also last year. Soccer has no memory. Now I can tell you that yes, if he then makes five bad games, I would say no. Soccer is progressive, it tells you what you do every weekend.

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