Courtois closes the goal: unrivaled at Real Madrid

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The debate in the goal of the Real Madrid has always been in the spotlight since the last few years of Iker Casillas. Great goalkeepers have gone through the white goal and doubts have always arisen about who would be the most suitable goalkeeper to be under sticks.

In the case of Courtois, the Belgian landed at Real Madrid in the summer of 2018 after his great seasons at Chelsea and after a great World Cup came together with his team. The white team thus signed a goalkeeper with all his future ahead ready to safeguard the white goal for many years.

But doubts soon came regarding his signing. Was it necessary taking Keylor Navas? Courtois came with the starting goalkeeper vitola, but had to compete against the Costa Rican. The debate in the goal continued until Courtois managed to win the game.

Zidane’s return

Zidane left Real Madrid on May 31, 2018 after winning three Champions and a league among many other titles. Lopetegui He was the coach who replaced him and months after Zidane’s goodbye, Courtis ended up in the white team.

The Basque coach did not finish curdling and was Solari qWho took the reins of the team. But after 284 days of Zidane’s departure, on March 11, 2019, his return to Real Madrid was made official, so that the goal debate seemed to open again because Navas has always been the starting goalkeeper with Zidane and Your great support, but nothing further from reality.

The second battle of Courtois

The Belgian had already managed to beat Keylor Navas when Lopetegui and Solari were on the white bench. But with Zidane he had to start again from scratch.

He prevailed again against Navas, but some of his performances generated debate about whether it should be him or Keylor the owner. Finally, the Costa Rican headed to PSG and Areola landed at Real Madrid. In his first season in white, Courtois played a total of 35 games, conceding 48 goals between all competitions.

Courtois consolidation

After a hesitant start to the season, Courtois has closed the goal, ending any kind of debate and proving that critics and those who said it was not for the Madrid goal were wrong.

After taking a step forward, his great performances have enabled Real Madrid to end several games with a clean sheet, saving several goals and points with very good performances.

All this has had an impact on the defense and has made Real Madrid the least scored team in La Liga. In total in all competitions, 32 games played, conceding just 26 goals and keeping his goal at zero in 14 clashes.

Your desire to return

With the competition stopped due to the coronavirus, Courtois has already shown his desire to return to compete and be at the orders of Zidane to try to win the Champions League.

“I miss the feeling of playing. Being in the Santiago Bernabeu, feel soccer and have fun together. “The first thing I will do when I can leave is go to Valdebebas to train, play sports and train with the team. I am looking forward to it, although we have to wait for the government to give the green light,” the goalkeeper recently said.

Courtois finally feels in communion with the white fans. There is no debate on the white goal. Courtois is the goalkeeper of Zidane and present and future of Real Madrid.



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