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Haaland he is the fashionable man. The Bundesliga He has returned this weekend, as well as his goals. The Norwegian striker has not lost his idyll with the goal or during the break due to the coronavirus crisis and in Germany only he is spoken of. And in Spain almost also. Every time he marks, his name is more strongly related to the Real Madrid. This Sunday he spoke in Radio BRAND someone who knows you well and who you agreed with in the Mold.

Is about Alex Craninx, Molde goalkeeper and former Real Madrid veteran: “Haaland is great. He is going to mark an era. He seems clumsy because of his height but he coordinates very well. I don’t think he will be affected by pressure, wherever he goes, because he is very well advised. He laughs at it all, “he said of the Norwegian.

He also admits that he still has a relationship with him: “Yesterday I wrote to him in the morning, I have been interviewing him for several weeks.” If in the morning he spoke with Craninx, in the afternoon he premiered with a goal in the Ruhr derby.

Partnership with Odegaard

Craninx was also able to meet another Norwegian, Martin Odegaard, who still belongs to Real Madrid and has left this season at Real Sociedad: “It would be crazy here for Haaland and Odegaard to meet at Madrid.” The goalkeeper shared a wardrobe with Odegaard when he landed at the age of 16 in the Real Madrid youth academy.

“It was very difficult to play in Segunda B at that age but you could already see that he had a lot of talent. It suited him to go to the Netherlands, get away from the focus of Spain, and demonstrate his quality,” he added of Odegaard.



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