Zidane, at a press conference prior to the Spanish Super Cup

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The Real Madrid He returns to work this Monday. Valdebebas will smoke again after two months of hiatus giving this day the pistol shot for the return to training. They will be individualized and following the security measures to avoid infections, but at the same time it will be the first opportunity that the boys of Zinedine Zidane to feel like footballers again and step on a field and touch the ball.

The 25 first team footballers will return this Monday to the Sport City. The focus will be on the individual preparation of each one. From the most important figures of Zidane to the injured who return (Asensio and Hazard) and Jovic, who will begin his recovery process after injuring his foot.

The goal that is set in the club is none other than the 25 arrive healthy and fit for the resumption of La Liga, set for mid or late June. The calendar will not give a break when playing a total of eleven games with a commitment every three days and one of Zidane’s favorite phrases at a press conference will gain even more strength: “Everyone is important at Real Madrid.”

Zidane, at a press conference prior to the Spanish Super Cup


The French coach has been insisting the French coach throughout this season and even in his interior stage on the white bench. It is his maxim. It has always been clear that it is very important to have a strong wardrobe and that there are not only eleven holders. This mini-season that is presented with everything at stake will be the perfect opportunity for Zidane to put into practice the work he has been doing with the entire team.

Why will everyone play

Neither Plan A, neither Plan B. All will have their leading role before the great load of matches after a long period of stoppage and uncertainty, which has affected the players physically and mentally. Measures such as the entry of the five changes during a match will help to see more often those who had not played as much during the season before the coronavirus arrived.

Another factor that all teams have, although they would not want to, is injury. In all the infirmaries they are warned that it will be easier for footballers to fall more easily injured in this season finale. Muscle injuries will be the order of the day, as has already been seen in Can Barça with the injury of Samuel Umtiti nothing else to return.

The time of those who least play

All count from this Monday. The resumption of football will be a golden opportunity for the Rodrygo, Militao or Jovic (when he returns from his injury) and even for Mariano and Brahim Diaz, who had barely had a couple of opportunities to play in this course. In addition, young people gain weight against veterans, who will have to be watched more closely since the load of matches will affect them more.

This is how the return of Real Madrid is presented. The time to demonstrate that his second unit is more powerful than that of Barcelona, ​​his great rival, as he has been glimpsing throughout the season. It is time to demonstrate that Zidane’s idea has always been firm and that everyone is prepared to be important at Real Madrid.



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