Fede Valverde tries to steal the ball from Jordi Alba

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Days go by and the Real Madrid continues to tone for the return of The league which will take place the week of June 8. With group training, the footballers of the white team continue working towards the return of the league championship.

Zidane He has several tasks ahead of him before the game of Eibar, but there are several names that are fixed in the French scheme. One of them is Valverde.

The Uruguayan player has become one of the most important players within Real Madrid and in the great revelation of the team and La Liga. Valverde is crazy to return to compete and has warned that Real Madrid will go to both the League and Champions.

“I really want to represent this shirt again and show why we are here. We fight for the goal of being champions.” We must continue training hard for all that remains of the season and we hope to win La Liga, “he said.

“There is always the desire, the desire and the joy of the return of the Champions League and fighting for that rematch against City to be able to qualify. The desire can never be missing in this club to go for everything,” he said.

Zidane, a key man

Zidane has been his great supporter, getting him to put ahead of players like Llorente and Ceballos. The Frenchman had the Uruguayan for this season, something that was already demonstrated last time, when Valverde began to have some weight in the last league games.

The French coach has always had words of admiration for the Uruguayan and today a midfield is not conceived without him.

Valverde’s evolution

When he returned to Real Madrid after his time at Sports and it was confirmed that he would stay in the first team many doubted that it could be done with a site. He came to fight for a position with three heavyweights like Casemiro, Kroos and Modric.

Fede has played 32 games this season until the stoppage caused by the coronavirus. With a total of 2 goals and 4 assists, the Uruguayan player has become one of the best white players this season and in the great revelation of La Liga being his year of consolidation.

Valverde was starting as a substitute in Modric’s midfield but the Croatian’s injuries and the need to give Luka rest made Fede soon earn a place with Kroos and Casemiro. The season began with doubts about whether his level was enough to be the fourth theoretical Real Madrid midfielder. He had counted for Zidane in the final stretch of the previous season, but still had not left such good feelings as to have a place in the team for the fans.

Fede Valverde tries to steal the ball from Jordi Alba


The team started with a deficit of players in that position and the Uruguayan would have to have stripes during the campaign out of necessity. From that lack of pieces a new world pearl has been born that has thrown the door of stardom without even having finished the year yet.

Nine months after that League start in August, Valverde has become the new face of this 2019/2020 (compared to last season) that has given better results.

Today his role is vital in the Whites and Real Madrid cannot be conceived without him. In addition to bringing arrival, the Uruguayan helps Casemiro and Kroos a lot in their tasks and his tremendous physical and defensive deployment make him one of the best midfielders in the world.

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