Bale and Jovic overcome their intestinal problems and point to the Levant

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Gareth Bale wait on Madrid the resumption of the season after the coronavirus stoppage. Meanwhile, he has given an interview of around 45 minutes on the podcast The Hat-trick for the ICC, organizer of the International Champions Cup that every summer brings together the best teams of Europe in North America and other points in the world.

Bale spoke of various issues that have surrounded his figure in recent months, including his future. Questioned by the MLSHe admitted that it is an attractive destination: “It is a league that is on the rise and continues to grow. Many players want to go to MLS right now, it is definitely something that would interest me. I love going to Los Angeles on vacation,” said. And he added with a laugh: “I play golf a lot when I’m there.”

He also referred to the controversy of the banners in his selection: “I saw the banners that the boys had shown me a few weeks before and some images, we were joking about it. Some of them said after the game if we classified we are going to look for them and take them . I told them I’m not going to go get it, “he explained about the ‘Wales. Golf. Madrid. In that order ‘.

Bale and Jovic overcome their intestinal problems and target Levante

Bale also spoke of their relationship in the Madrid dressing room and referred to the two colleagues with whom he has the most confidence: “In Madrid I talk a lot with Luka, we had already been together in Tottenham for five years and another seven years here. Naturally I I get along very well with Luka, I also talk a lot with Toni Kroos. I get along with almost everyone, but I do tell the truth especially with the two of them. “

Bale and the mental part of football

The Welshman also gave his vision on how important the head is in an athlete: “The mental part of the sport nobody had considered for years. If you mentioned the emotional state they said that you were weak. In the last decade more openly talked about it It’s better viewed. People are encouraging players to share these feelings. “

And he added about it: “I think it is difficult to handle the pressure, the criticism, the negative things of the sport. I think that if you have been educated in a correct way and you do not eat your head much, you have to relax and think that as a player you give the best of you in the field. ” “You are going to have bad days, of course, but as long as you know that you have given your best, even if it was not the best result, you do not have to blame yourself for it,” he concluded.

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