All of Spain advances to Phase 1 except Madrid, Barcelona and areas of Castilla y León

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“I wish it would start The league on June 12, but I don’t know what will happen. We do not rush. It will depend on whether there are spikes or not. That does not depend on football, but on Spanish society, “he assured a few days ago. Javier Thebes in the program The Partidazo #VolverEsGanar, by Movistar.

The return to training of the teams of First and Second in recent days it has been the first step towards’New Normal‘that football will live for the next few months. But the phases set by the government so that each province can progress at their own pace in the de-escalation can affect the ensembles and their preparation.

This week we have seen how, for example, the Real Madrid carried out the first days of training in Valvebebas. The players have exercised separately but always under the direction of Zinedine Zidane. The planned plan is that in a second stage fourteen footballers can work at the same time on the field and in a third stage, the entire squad can exercise at the same time and as was done before the break due to the Covid-19 pandemic. From this Monday it will be so.

Javier Tebas: “I would like LaLiga to start on June 12”

Around the phases

The possibility of training individually, in small groups or the entire staff at the same time is not ultimately linked to the situation in which the province in which the team in question is located is located. In this way, La Liga has found a solution to the first problem in its de-escalation.

Some teams like the Madrid’s communitythose of Barcelona or Castilla y León, are in provinces or areas in which the Government has not yet authorized the passage to ‘Phase 1 of the de-escalation’.

All of Spain advances to Phase 1 except Madrid, Barcelona and areas of Castilla y León

The difference between, for example, the Atlético de Madrid and the Valencia it would have been that the mattresses, following the protocol to the letter, could not have advanced in their training until the Community of Madrid passed to the ‘Phase 1‘as soon as May 25. For its part, Valencia, or any team from a province in ‘Phase 1’ could soon start training in groups of up to fourteen footballers.

This difference in the preparation of the teams would have generated a competitive advantage for those who can start training in a group earlier, since they would arrive at the start of the League with more training completed with all the players together.

In total, seven First Division and five Second Division clubs would have been affected by the delay in their particular de-escalation in training. The League worked to prevent this from happening and asked the Ministry of Health that would allow the teams to keep the same training rhythm regardless of the phase in which their province or health area is. This has finally happened.

Physical preparation is one of the biggest concerns for footballers in recent weeks. “We have been unemployed for a long time and with just one month of training I would take more into account that we are better prepared to avoid risk of injury. A few more days of training would not go badly for us,” he assured. Gerard Piqué a few days ago on the show The Partidazo #VolverEsGanar, by Movistar.

Gerard Piqué, on the return of LaLiga after the coronavirus: “It would take a few more days to train”

New routine for matches

For the moment, the institution led by Javier Tebas is waiting to know if the Government will accept his request or not and is focused on working with the First and Second teams in a protocol for the remaining matches to be played once the competition starts again.

Among the new measures that will be imposed is that the teams will travel on the same day of the match. Precisely trips between provinces are another point that can be affected by the different phases in which each city is located.

Following to the letter the script developed by the Government for de-escalation in four phases, a person cannot travel to another province until ‘Phase 3’ is passed and as long as they travel to another area that has also passed it.

This clause has worried many who have imagined that if Madrid or Barcelona do not exceed the ‘Phase 3′ before the start of The league, the teams from these cities could not travel outside their provinces to play the matches, but the reality is that this is not the case.

All teams will be able to travel by Spain whatever the situation in your province or the one you visit. During de-escalation it is forbidden to travel between provinces in a recreational way but not if there is a work cause.

La Liga’s only concern is that the squads travel with the utmost security, avoiding, as far as possible, any risk of contagion. This is why the institution chaired by Javier Tebas works to make a series of charter flights so that they move more easily and with the least possible risk of contagion.

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