Zidane gains importance in this new phase

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There is less and less for the return of The league. The Real Madrid continues training every day and in the fifth and last session of the week in the sports city of Valdebebas, Zidane He divided the team of the white team into two shifts with a session in which they began with physical work and continued with exercises with the ball to end with four-on-four games.

Before the stoppage caused by the coronavirus, Real Madrid was second in the table two points behind the Barcelona. In the Champions, the white team is pending the second leg of the second round match against Manchester City.

Zidane is clear that the great objective is La Liga and for this he has several doubts and tasks to solve. One of them is the one on the left side.

Zidane gains importance in this new phase

Mendy and Marcelo They play a position and the unknown of who will be the owner before the Eibar will remain until the last days prior to the match. Neither party as a starter and it will be Zidane who chooses his left back for the return of La Liga.


Marcelo has been in the news these days and has taken a step forward in the face of rumors that put him out of Madrid. The Brazilian footballer was one of those players who could say goodbye after the arrival of Mendy and his name sounded a lot for Juventus. But the Brazilian winger confirmed a few days ago that he was not leaving Real Madrid and that he wanted to continue winning titles with the Whites.

His commitment to the Zidane team is undeniable and the Frenchman has always been on Marcelo’s side. His confidence is total in him and the Brazilian wants to continue showing Zidane that he can continue to count on him and as a starter.

If it was revealed a few days ago that Marcelo is the most reliable winger for Real Madrid ahead of Mendy, the Brazilian has already made it clear that he wants to aspire to win more titles.

Marcelo, during El Clásico

Marcelo, during El Clásico


“What makes me happy is having the thought of wanting to earn more until I can’t take any more; and that has been taught to me by Real Madrid. Getting three Champions in a row and four in five years is something that will remain for history. Although not we stay on that and we want to aspire to win more titles, “he said a few days ago.

After overcoming the injury that took him away from the field of play several games this season, Marcelo has become more fit than ever and is eager to resume the competition and try to be a fixture on the left side of Real Madrid.

“We have never spent so much time without training on the field and the desire to play soccer since we stopped playing has increased. It has been a little different than what we were used to. We are already waiting for the games to start,” he said. Marcelo.


The French winger ended up at Real Madrid at the request of Zidane asked for his transfer to give Marcelo a rest-, and the Merengue coach has alternated the participation of one and the other throughout the entire 2019/2020.

Before the break, both Mendy and Marcelo took turns, but it was the Frenchman who enjoyed more opportunities, also taking advantage of the Brazilian’s physical problems.

Ferland Mendy controls a ball with his chest

Ferland Mendy controls a ball with his chest


The French player, an insurance back, has played a total of 22 games between all competitions, also giving two goal passes in his first season as a Real Madrid player. If in attack and game creation it is Marcelo who is clearly ahead, in defensive tasks it is Ferland Mendy.

The Frenchman landed on the Santiago Bernabeu as a supposed substitute for Marcelo, but little by little he showed that in the defensive facet he has nothing to envy to Marcelo or other players. The Frenchman is an insurance behind and hardly makes mistakes when they hit his side, being a nightmare for his rivals.

Disciplined and always confident in his decisions, he has managed to win over Marcelo in the rotation, proving that Real Madrid has a left back for many more years.



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