Pepe Reina, in a match with the Spanish soccer team

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Pepe Reina He has spoken long and hard during a live in Instagram with Mr Chip. The goalkeeper has commented on his experience with coronavirus: “I passed. It was four or five days in which I was sketchy, but nothing compared to what other people could have experienced. After passing it, I was ten days very tired, defeated, but I was lucky to leave it behind. I caught it at first. Some of us have passed it on the team. We played with Leicester before falling and I think there were positives in his team too. “

“Now I have a little more peace of mind because I think I have developed antibodies, but I also do not have total security. It is not a flu, it is a somewhat more serious issue. The most susceptible people are older people or people with previous problems, but it still leaves you annoyed, “said the goalkeeper, who has also looked back to respond to the turbulent times experienced in the Selection for the Classics.

“To be honest, I don’t remember. I think about Madrid – Barça and what was formed after that, but everything was exemplary. There was a time of tension, but together we all tried to calm down and row in the same direction. You had to think all in the common good and that was above any club, “said Pepe Reina.

Pepe Reina, in a match with the Spanish soccer team

“A good wardrobe is the key to any self-respecting team. Without egos, everyone being in their place, knowing the role even those who do not play … In a National Team there are the 23 best in the country and nobody is better than anyone We want everyone’s level to be as good as possible “, added the goalkeeper.

Rumors between Madrid and France

Before Keylor Navas sign for the Real Madrid, it was speculated with his possible arrival at Santiago Bernabeu to replace the attic. “We will talk to Florentino again (laughs). I have been lucky to belong to many clubs, with a great history, although the bad thing is that I have never been able to win the Champions League. It is the ‘thorn’ that I have left, but it is to be proud, “he commented.

What he has not ruled out is a future in Ligue-1: “There is nothing. PSG have Keylor, Sergio Rico, Areola … It is very difficult to get there and I have a contract with Milan. We will have to see what we decided. I have never cared to pack. That has always been been an advantage in my career. “

Pepe Reina, in a Milan match. Photo: Twitter (@ PReina25)

Pepe Reina, in a Milan match. Photo: Twitter (@ PReina25)

It has also given him time to talk about other great names of goalkeeping: “Casillas or Buffon? Both have been world leaders. Each season they have been taking turns to see who was better until the time of Oblak, Neuer, Alisson. .. There have been many goalkeepers, but who we have reflected in has been two of them. “

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