Marcelo, in Valdebebas to undergo the tests

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Football in Spain see the light at the end of the tunnel. Once the tests have been carried out on all the First and Second division, it’s time to go back to training. From this Friday the individualized ones will begin, in which the soccer players will be able to train on the grass of the sports facilities of their club isolated from the rest of their teammates. It is time for the players to get ready.

There are five or six weeks of preparation ahead and then compete again. After a few weeks, group training will return, which will be the previous step before the final return of The league. For now, each player will have to focus on their individual training and try to make the most of the restart.

At Real Madrid It will happen just like on all computers. A kind of sprint with all its players involved, in which the objective is none other than to earn a place when football returns. It starts from scratch, regardless of what has been done so far during the season. For that reason, in the white club several interesting duels appear.

Marcelo – Mendy

Well it seemed that Ferland Mendy had ended up winning the place to Marcelo, but in the last games before the break the prominence returned to the Brazilian. The season stopped with Marcelo being the starter in four of the last five games, the remaining being the sole ownership of the French striker.

Marcelo, in Valdebebas to undergo the tests

Zidane continues betting on Marcelo although Mendy is stomping. The physicist will be more important than ever and in that aspect it seems clear that Mendy sweeps a Marcelo increasingly supported by his talent with the ball. Mendy has the opportunity to make the final jump to the eleven of Zidane when La Liga returns.

Isco – Asensio

Different profiles. Isco It is one of the favorites for Zidane and when he is well he has almost guaranteed a place in eleven. This has happened in the second half of what could be played this season until the break. The French coach usually combines the Malaga player with three midfielders behind him (Casemiro, Kroos, Modric or Valverde), but now another piece returns wanting to be a starter.

Asensio He is ready after his injury and knows that he has two heavyweights ahead of him: Benzema and Hazard. If it seems that he returns with some advantage over a Bale forgotten by Zidane and over Vinicius and Rodrygo, marked by inexperience. Thus, the battle that is presented to Asensio to be a starter is to fight the position with Isco and take the right wing. There are many expectations for his return.

Rodrygo Goes, in Valdebebas

Rodrygo Goes, in Valdebebas

Vinicius – Rodrygo

Comparing one to the other has been inevitable throughout the year. Sometimes it was one who played more and others, the other. When everything stopped, Vinicius had a good advantage for his friend. Rodrygo stopped counting to the point of returning to Castilla. Vinicius, for his part, settled at eleven. They both know they will have an even harder time now with the return of Hazard and Asensio, but they want to convince Zidane.

Jovic – Mariano

Who was going to say it to Jovic than Mariano I would end up overtaking him in the rotation. The Serb, who came to fight for the position with Benzema, has ended up doing so with the theoretical third striker. Jovic has counted very little for Zidane and also returns from the break after having been one of the negative protagonists for skipping the quarantine in his country. But he has a new opportunity from scratch to redeem himself.

On the other side is Mariano, who has played even less this season than Jovic. And when it seemed that he had turned the tortilla, soccer stopped. But Mariano does not give up and wants to demonstrate this preseason that he is still capable of contributing goals and fighting with the Serbian for the position of substitute striker.



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