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Will follow Odegaard in the Real or will return to Madrid? The debate is still open in the offices of the club in the capital and in the city of San Sebastian when there is hardly more than a month left for the season to end in Spain. The Norwegian footballer doubts whether to fulfill his second year on loan to continue accumulating minutes or make the leap to the white team at the risk of fewer opportunities.

In Saint Sebastian they are all positive about Odegaard’s continuity next year. They see him happy and believe that it is the best for his career, especially if Real ends up getting a ticket for the next edition of the Champions League. Your president, Joakim Aperribay, He has referred to his situation again this Tuesday.

“I think he is going to stay, it is the hope we have. From there, it depends on the will of the people. If Martin Odegaard stays at Real, he has to do it convinced that it is the best option for the next year, “he said confidently in an interview in Euskadi Radio.

Jokin Aperribay at a press conference Photo:

Although he added that they will not enter into wars with Madrid: “He knows what we want and Real Madrid too, but we have to be respectful of Odegaard and Real Madrid, because football is Real Madrid. He came for two years, but in LaLiga You cannot make transfers for two years and the second has to be activated by the player. Our hope is that it continues and we think it will continue. “

Opening of the stadiums

Aperribay, among other topics, also referred to the opening of the stadiums to the public: “I would remove the controversial word, at least in my view there is not. It is not for the clubs to decide if there will be an audience, but we We play for and for the fans, so we have to work to the maximum so that it can be on the fields, we will be delighted. If you ask me if it corrupts the competition or not, I think not, “he said.

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