Ceballos, with Arsenal in a Premier League match

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Dani Ceballos He has spoken again about his future and what he expects for his career for next year. Did it in The spar of SER chain and did not rule out anything for next season; from back to Real Madrid, until continuing in the Premier League or gain confidence with a return to Betis. Of course, he admits that Madrid’s option is difficult for the few minutes it could have.

“When July ends I will have a few days off and then it is time to appreciate the future and where I am comfortable facing the season that comes with the European Championship and Games,” he said about what is coming in the coming weeks for him.

And he added: “I will have to make the decision where I am most comfortable to be with the National Team next summer. In the future, I am the owner of where I am going to play next year. I am not going to give myself much margin because they want to start in early September. “

Difficult to play at Real Madrid

Regarding Zidane’s confidence, it was clear: “I have to make the decision and where I am most comfortable is where I want to be. The coach told me to play a year away and I will have a talk with him for the following season. José Ángel Sánchez He has spoken to me. They have the Champions League left and then we will value the future. “

Ceballos, with Arsenal in a Premier League match


“I would have to put it in the balance. I want to feel important next year, to play and I could hardly do it in Madrid for the great season he is doing this year. We would have to sit down, see the best option and decide. Betis is an option. I do not close the doors to any club. The League is good for me, but I am also happy at Arsenal and I have to respect them for the days that remain, “he continued.

Already speaking about current affairs, he referred to the controversy of the arbitrations: “Both Madrid and Barcelona have to stop talking about referees. Sergio already said that we had to stop talking about the referees. If Madrid is leading and Barça second It is on its own merits. Madrid is very compact and it is difficult for points to escape at the end of the season. “

He admitted that he feels good playing in the Premier, although he misses Spanish football: “I do not rule out continuing in the Premier. It is a league that I like and you always have the feeling of wanting to play LaLiga again. It is strange to play in Spain. England It has served me well for a year. “

Relationship with Arteta

At Arsenal, he confessed that his situation with Arteta has improved after the doubts that were in the club in the first part of the season: “I feel much more settled as a midfielder. I am happy to take the level I want as a footballer.” And he added about his coach: “He plays a game very similar to what City does and has a philosophy that is difficult for rivals to score. It is a system where I feel comfortable.”

Betis situation and future

Finally, he spoke about Betis. It was clear with the team’s situation: “Rubi’s dismissal is bad luck. Now he is in good hands. Betis is in green and white blood. I saw the derby and Sevilla were far superior and the result was fair.”

And to conclude, he revealed that he maintains contact with the Betis locker room and Alexis, current coach, spoke to him about the future of the team: “Joaquín and Mandi remain. I have spoken to Alexis because he is a friend of mine and he told me that they were making a Betis looking ahead. “

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