Cristiano Ronaldo, during a match with Juventus

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Nani knows well Cristiano Ronaldo. Both shared costumes in both Manchester United like in the Portuguese team for years and keep a good relationship. Now thousands of kilometers separate them since the first one plays in the Juventus Turin and the other in the Orlando City, of the MLS. But by the words of Nani, the destination could cross them again or, at least, put them within walking distance.

And is that Cristiano Ronaldo would have confessed to Nani where he wants to play once he says goodbye to Europe and faces the last adventure of his career. The answer is simple: MLS: “A few years ago, Cristiano Ronaldo told me that he would probably finish his career in the United States. He is not 100% determined, but it is a possibility. There is a high possibility,” Nani said now.

Nani dared to make the leap to the MLS to play in Orlando City and now cheers five times Golden Ball to do the same. Cristiano still has a contract with Juventus until 2022. Then he will be 37 years old and it could be a great time to make the leap to American football. Although with Cristiano you never know.

Cristiano Ronaldo, during a match with Juventus


“It is an excellent championship. Obviously, there are certain aspects that can be improved, including the quality of the players. Here are fantastic clubs, well organized with fantastic conditions, very good coaches and very good players. You see progress season by season. All conditions They are true in MLS, everything around us. It’s about being better, not being afraid to improve, “Nani said of the MLS.

The return of the MLS

The Professional Soccer League (MLS) of United States will begin with the 54-game summer tournament on July 8 in Orlando (Florida) with 26 teams. It will be the return to competition in American football after the suspension due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The chosen format is similar to that of a World Cup and after the draw, held this Thursday, Orlando SC, Toronto FC and Atlanta United are seeded of Groups A, C and E, respectively, corresponding to the 14 clubs that represent the Western Conference.

Seattle Sounders, Real salt lake and Los Angeles Football Club are the seeded men of Groups B, D and F, respectively, which will be the other 12 MLS teams that are active in the Western Conference.

The top two finishers in each group, along with the top four third, will advance to the knockout stage beginning with the round of 16. Each team will play a minimum of three matches and a maximum of seven matches when the tournament has ended with the final, to be held on August 11.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, players will live in a “bubble”, staying in the same hotel and regularly undergoing medical control tests and other precautionary measures to avoid contagion.

The winner of the tournament will earn points for the regular league competition that can be played later, the automatic pass to the competition of the Concacaf Champions League 2021 and a prize of $ 1.1 million.

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