Even RAC1 recognized that there was no robbery from Real Madrid:

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He Real Madrid he took the victory in the Reale Arena and made the leap to the leadership of The league. Those of Zinedine Zidane They fulfilled their objective, which was none other than taking the three points from their visit to Real Sociedad to take advantage of Barcelona’s puncture in Seville and thus get to the top of the table. But the game, with all that was at stake and the tension from Barcelona, ​​was not without controversy.

There were three actions that marked the match, although the referee Estrada Fernández and the Var they matched all of them. So much so, that even during the broadcast of the game in RAC1 they had to give in to the obvious no matter how much it hurt. They could not believe it, but Madrid was saved thanks to arbitration decisions that were successful no matter how much they weighed on them.

The penalty to Vinicius

This is how it looks first in the penalty Vinicius in the 50th minute of the game. Live they had no doubts: “They pushed him. Penalty. It was impossible impossible for him to fail. He sent the ball out because they pushed him from behind. Vinicius’ play is impressive,” said one of the commentators.

In the repetition, complaints were heard, but they were more regrets about the fair intervention of the video arbitration system: “In a world without VAR it would not be a penalty. And the discussion would be that they have given Real Madrid a penalty,” was heard on the broadcast.

Goal annulled to Januzaj

With the goal annulled Januzaj for an offside by Mikel Merino, which hindered the vision of Thibaut Courtois in goal, they were even more resounding and recognized that the goal should not go up to the scoreboard: “I can’t believe it. So far the goal … The Real Sociedad player covers him. Well canceled. His vision is difficult” , the narrator said that seconds before he had sung the goal of the Belgian from Real.

Benzema’s goal after the VAR

Shortly afterwards both Karim Benzema, the second of Madrid. Here they did denounce the ‘hand’ of the French striker live: “Benzema’s hand. Kick … and goal. It must be a hand and the VAR must invalidate it. They are very clear hands,” they said excitedly. But after the repetition his tone changed and they surrendered to the evidence: “Control with your chest … it must be Benzema’s goal,” was heard.

Meanwhile, on social media there has been a huge reaction from fans of the Barcelona and up to Atlético de Madrid that criticized the referee’s successes that they did not want to recognize. Even the Real fueled the controversy with the title of the chronicle of its web portal: “Thus, impossible,” it said. In Madrid they avoid controversy, but Zidane has already indicated that he is tired of these unwarranted debates.

“What bothers me is that there is only one thing being talked about, the referees. Here is a team. We won on the field and today was a deserved victory. Everyone can say what they want,” said the Real manager. Madrid after the match.

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