Joe Hart in one of his matches with the English team. Photo

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After 17 years as a professional, Joe Hart you are facing a new scenario in your life. This June 30, his contract with the Burnley and he is without equipment. For this reason, he has granted an interview for the BBC where he talks about it and also jokes about a possible call from the Real Madrid.

The goalkeeper, now 33 years old, lived his best years with the Manchester City, even becoming one of the most valued goalkeepers on the soccer planet. Right now he doesn’t lose hope and even jokes about his situation.

“I have no illusions that Real Madrid is going to call me to take Courtois’s position, but surely there is much to come. I just need someone to believe in me and I will return that faith,” says the goalkeeper.

Joe Hart in one of his matches with the English team. Photo

“I remember who I am. I learned from a young age to keep things in perspective. You must be strong in self-criticism, analyze what you do and feel good about it,” continues the English keeper. “To be a goalkeeper, I am young and even younger in mental age, because I just want to go under the goal and have balls thrown at me,” says Hart.

Change of role

It is not yet known what offers can reach the goalkeeper, who has become 75 times international with the England selection. However, despite his years as the undisputed starter at Manchester City, he has not contested a single minute in the current season with Burnley. Premier League.

He has participated in other competitions. Two games in FA Cup, receiving four goals, and a match in the EFL Cup, in which he conceded three goals against Sunderland. 270 minutes in total in the 2019/2020 season, a very poor balance for one of the best goalkeepers of the last decade in the UK.

She is confident that a team will arrive that will give her the minutes she needs and wants. “I have been on the bench for a year and a half but that is not going to be possible with me,” says a Joe Hart who, despite having gone through some difficult months, does not plan to hang up his gloves in the near future. What’s more, that’s why he highlights that for the position he plays he’s still young and, more importantly, he feels young and ready for new challenges.

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