Kai Havertz with Bayer Leverkusen

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Kai Havertz It has become one of the proper names in recent weeks. The player has been linked to teams such as Bayern Munich, he Chelsea or the Real Madrid and even the Artificial intelligence, thanks to a study of Olocip, has determined that the value of the footballer would increase more if he signed for the white club.

The rumor that he will end up wearing white is gaining more and more weight, but from the German portal Sportbuzzer It was pointed out this weekend that Havertz wanted to sign for Real Madrid, but also that he has a condition to give the definitive ‘yes, I want’.

And it is that although the player wants to finish in the Santiago BernabeuWhat does not enter their plans is to arrive so as not to have the necessary minutes and continuity so as not to see their progression cut off. It should not be forgotten that the German turned 21 last June 11.

Kai Havertz with Bayer Leverkusen


Continuity or non-continuity, that is the question. The young footballer knows that there are great midfielders in the Merengue team who would be ahead of him in the rotation, at least first. Casemiro, Kroos, Modric and Fede Valverde they have the favor of Zidane, and all of them will continue to be white in 2020/2021 except for a major surprise.

In fact, a player like Martin Odegaard it seems that he will continue one more season on loan in the Real society having an excess of players in the first white team, since if everything follows the normal course, Luka Modric will continue next season in Concha Espina.

Havertz’s wish is difficult to fulfill. Yes, he could have important minutes, but not be one of the starting theorists, at least at the moment. But the season is always long and Zidane is one of the coaches who likes to keep all his pupils plugged in.

A player of the future

Nobody ignores the talent of the footballer. On the specialized portal Transfermarkt it is taxed in an amount of 81 million euros. Before the coronavirus crisis, even this figure was higher, since at the end of last year its market value stood at 90 ‘kilos’.

Havertz, in the stands watching a game of Bayer Leverkusen

Havertz, in the stands watching a game of Bayer Leverkusen


So far this year, Kai Havertz has already played 41 games, games that are translated in 3,502 minutes. During that time he has managed to score, among all competitions with the Bayer Leverkusen a total of 16 goals and 9 assists. 12 of those goals have been scored in the Bundesliga, staying alone without seeing a door in 2019/2010 in the Championswhile in the Europa League yes it has marked 3 targets.

It is not the fruit of a day. Last season he already exceeded 3,500 minutes with the team of Leverkusen, as well as the 40 matches between all the competitions that the German club played in 2018/2019. A year before, in 2017/2018, he already began to show what he can be with his 35 disputed clashes, 4 goals and 9 assists.

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