Marcelo lifts the Twelfth

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This June 3 is the anniversary of The Twelfth. A Champions League which confirmed to Real Madrid like the king of Europe, since the white team was the first to achieve repeat success in the maximum continental competition since the new format was introduced in 1992/1993.

To relive that special moment at the club, Marcelo, current second captain of the first team, has spoken on the program Real Madrid Connect. The Brazilian winger has reviewed the past, but has also referred to the present and the future.

Marcelo has won four Champions since coming to Real Madrid as a ‘boy’ who had barely passed the age of majority. The defender has grown to become the most victorious foreign player in club history.

The Twelfth

“A lot of good memories. But I think we had great anxiety, there were many doubts about our team and we came from winning the Champions League the previous year. It was historic to win two in a row. We suffered, but we did everything we could to win.”

Memories from the past

“It makes my hair stand on end. A movie runs through my head. At the time I arrived, I was very nervous, did not speak Spanish well, had no hair on my head and was surrounded by my family, my grandfather.”

Marcelo lifts the Twelfth

Three consecutive Champions

“The most important thing is that when we won a title we did not think about stopping, but we thought about winning more. Although we won three in a row, we want to win more. Since I arrived, Madrid taught me to always want more and that the finals are won. When we have won everything, we want to win everything again. That is our thinking. “

Assistance to Asensio

“You have to be vigilant throughout the match. It was a foul on Cristiano, I was praying that he would score a goal to close the match. When I opened my eyes the ball was in the air, I went for it, I saw that there was someone behind me, I entered the area and saw ‘Marquito’ (Asensio) who was there and I gave it to him. Then I remember being all running around the field celebrating it. “

Difficulty of the match

“When we went to the game, we knew we were going to face a very solid defense, which conceded few goals. But we knew what we had to do and that we could score goals. We knew that we could concede a goal, but we had to score many You have to make things easy and bear the pressure, that can make you stand out a little more. In the end we were all united, with the motivation to win titles. A final is not played, you win and at Real Madrid you always do So”.

Bathroom in the second part

“The first part I think we were also good. But since it is a final, things are never easy. Who makes things easy? Well, we thought it had to be us. The coach told us that we had to be patient. And we had a lot of patience … but we also knew how to suffer. It seems that it was easy, but in reality it was very difficult. “

Assistance to Cristiano against Bayern

“I always see previous games of mine, to see things that I have to improve and things that I can not do again. I prefer to attend and see a happy teammate, rather than score. I gave Cristiano the goal and he was very happy. I saw A lot of people in red and I was passing and passing them. I am doing what the head tells me. I was passing the red ones, I was trying to haggle and my head told me that the best solution was to give Cristiano the pass “.

Marcelo trains at Valdebebas

Marcelo trains at Valdebebas

Madrid and the finals

“Madrid grows in the finals, in these types of games. If you see your teammate, your friend, giving everything, leaving your soul, well you. When you play a final, you have to win it anyway.”

Eleven finals

“Of course, we have had very difficult moments, without training, without playing, without having contact with colleagues. And in the end we have decided that there are eleven finals. We have to give everything. It is a very important title that is at stake. There are eleven finals Eleven games that we have to win, all of them. We are also very happy to be able to train all together. “

Message to fans

“Greetings to all who are experiencing a difficult time. This is sure to happen. A lot, a lot of strength to everyone.”

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