Two Eibar players try to steal the ball from Luka Modric

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Luka modric was a starter on the return of Real Madrid to soccer this Sunday. A sign that Zinedine Zidane he looks good on him and that’s how he feels too, according to his words in La Gazzetta dello Sport. The Croatian midfielder has given an interview to the Italian medium and in it he speaks from his future to his past and the terror he experienced in the war when he was just a child.

Despite being 34 years old, Modric is able to finish his contract in 2021 and even play one more season in white: “I am sure I can play at a high level for two more years. I would like to finish my career in Real Madrid, but it will also depend on the club, “he said of his continuity in the club, beyond the current relationship they have.

About the season finale at Champions, declared who are the favorites: “I see PSG well, even if they do not play until August. It is easy to say Barcelona and Bayern. You have to be careful with Atlético de Madrid. And you added about the white options:” And, of course, Among the favorites will be the one that passes between Manchester City and Real Madrid. “

Two Eibar players try to steal the ball from Luka Modric


Cristiano and the stars of the future

Modric also recalled for the Italian media the figure of Christian And what he shared with him after six years as partners: “He is one of the greatest in history. Cristiano always wants to win, he motivated us and made us react. He has a great heart, he is always ready to help those in need.”

And from Cristiano he passed to the four players who he believes will make the leap to the highest in world football: “Mbappé has it all, but I think that to make the leap in quality he needs to go to a championship where his team does not win so easily. I also see great potential in Vinicius and I like De Bruyne and Sterling. “

His nickname in Madrid

On a more personal side, Modric spoke of how he copes with life, day to day and what earned him the nickname he has in Madrid’s dressing room: “I feel like a normal person, who loves humility and modesty. I’m persistent, stubborn. The teammates at Real Madrid call me ‘vinegar’ because when I lose in training I take it badly. “

The terror of war

Finally, Modric related the horror of the Balkan war, in which his grandfather lost his life: “I lived in the Kolovare hotel with the family and there were many of my companions. We played ball or hid in the hotel, until the sirens were heard. At that moment, you knew what to do: run to the shelter. There, for sure, we would play again. “

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