Odegaard, training with the Royal Society

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Odegaard It is one of the proper names of soccer news in our country. First because it is one of the revelations of the season and the Real society clings to his talent and partnership with Isak to get play the Champions League next course.

Second, because it is still not certain that he will continue in the ranks of the txuri-urdin beyond the end of this campaign and is that his return to Real Madrid It could already be produced for 2020/2021.

The Norwegian has spoken to the media and far from revealing what his future will be, Martin Odegaard wanted to make it clear that his purpose is to play the Champions League next season.

Odegaard commented that “it has been a bit hard” and “long” to pass the confinement only in Saint Sebastian since his family was in Norway. However, he also added that “there are people who have had it worse” and that he is lucky because he and his family are doing well.

Odegaard, training with the Royal Society

Real society

The midfielder has already returned to training in Zubieta: “I’m feeling very good. It has been a bit strange to train in small groups, but now we are the whole team and so it is much better and easier. Physically I feel good, but it is obvious that we lack the rhythm of the games. We have trained hard, at home first, then here in small groups, and we just need to get back to the rhythm of the games. “

Goals of the season

The league He returns next week and Odegaard is clear about the goals of Real Sociedad: “We are where we want to be, up there, to get into the Champions League, which is what we want. It will be difficult to do something with Madrid or Barça, but with the rest I think we can do things well to finish third or fourth and get into the Champions League. For all the footballers in the world it is a dream to play the Champions League and it is what we want to do next year “.

Before finishing, he wanted to send a message to his fans: “It will be very rare to play without our fans, because it is very important for us, because it always supports us, it makes it very nice to play at home, but we cannot do anything We have to go on and win for them, even if they are at home. “

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