A spontaneous sneaks into Mallorca - Barcelona on an empty door

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After the first day of the League after three months of hiatus, the health protocol for Spanish football has left some doubts and the feeling that it is impossible to comply with it one hundred percent. Since last Thursday, when the competition of First division with the Seville – Betis, there have been several scenes that should be avoided and that go against what the protocol establishes.

The protocol has been bringing LaLiga upside down since the training began. The measures are very strict, but already before the competition began the controversy began. The famous barbecues, pool parties or dinners in which Primera soccer players were involved were against what was established by the employers.

Four players from Seville (Franco Vázquez, Ocampos, Banega and from Jong), one of one Athlete (Saponjic), one of one Getafe (Maksimovic), one of one Madrid (Jovic) and another of Barca (Semedo) have been indicated.

Protocol flaws

Now with the return of the games there have been more scenes contrary to what the protocol indicates, although in many of them with the feeling that they are difficult to control by the protagonists. These are the ones that have not been complied with or have not been followed up on their recommendation on day 28, as set out in the protocol of The league.

Players will try to avoid or minimize physical contact at celebrations

In practically every game, players have been seen hugging each other when they scored a goal against the rival. It was seen in Anoeta, at Say Stéfano, etc. We must make the point that in some cases the celebrations have been limited to greetings with the elbow or the like to minimize physical contact, but in others not.

Celebrating a goal with hugs does not carry penalties, but this measure has become very difficult to comply with in the instant after a goal. Will this scene keep repeating itself? Will footballers be more careful at times to come?

The players will keep the minimum safety distance (2m) with the referee at all times of dialogue.

Another measure or protocol recommendation that has become very difficult for players to comply with. There have been protests against the referees at less than the established distance, and the referees themselves have also sometimes forgotten to respect it. The best example, surely, was seen with Mateu Lahoz in the Seville derby.

All members of the bench will remain wearing gloves and a mask, with the exception of the first coach

Benches in the stands, approximately four seats between each player and these with masks and gloves. The only one who does not need a mask is the first coach, who will be on the bench itself along with other members of his coaching staff, separated respecting the safety distance.

The controversy was also experienced in the Seville derby. After the final whistle, Lucas Ocampos, who was one of the architects of Sevilla’s victory, took off his mask and threw it on the grass as he ran to celebrate with his teammates, with whom he hugged. The cameras captured him. In other leagues, to avoid these situations, they are not forcing players to wear face masks in the stands.

No type of greeting will be completed with physical contact with colleagues, opposing player and / or professional of both staff

All kinds of protocol acts and handrails are canceled at the beginning of the match, but again in the Seville derby it was seen Lopetegui and Ruby dialogue between the two without a mask or respect the distance before the initial whistle. The exit to the field of the players follows the usual protocol.

A spontaneous sneaks into Mallorca – Barcelona on an empty door

Fans nearby … and a spontaneous

But, in addition, two scenes have been seen that go against the sanitary recommendations: the accumulation of fans of Seville in the vicinity of the Sánchez Pizjuán at the arrival of the buses to the stadium and the jump of a spontaneous during the Mallorca – Barcelona to the lawn of a They are Moix behind closed doors.

The spontaneous Son Moix: “I had it planned for a long time”


What is clear is that the protocol covers all situations and has meticulous and strict measures to minimize contagion situations. From the transfers, to the moment of jumping onto the field or retiring from it at the break and at the end of the match. Everything is studied, also the areas in which the stadium is divided and the existence of gel everywhere. The problem is when the responsibility has to be so great that the footballers or others involved forget it. That’s where the protocol leaves doubts.

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