Sergio Llull, shooting during the match between Real Madrid and Gran Canaria

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And the debacle came. He Real Madrid consumed this Friday its removal of the final phase of the Endesa League. The whites waited for the puncture of a Valencia Basket who gave no choice to Herbalife Gran Canaria. The team of Pablo Laso, despite his triumph in the final against Casademont Zaragoza, in which the Basque showed from the first minute that he wanted maximum intensity even if they did not risk anything. In fact, he did not summon the young people and all the usual holders played.

The Real Madrid Basketball season ends with a major blur as is this elimination. Although the title of the Copa del Rey and the fact of not being able to compete for Euroleague They leave a not so bitter aftertaste, the reality is that the expectations were that the meringues managed to fight for the title until the end. The level of the template makes it necessary.

The involvement of Laso and the team cannot be questioned, but a lack of competitiveness has been evident, which was seen during the rest of the season and not in these two weeks in Valencia. Although the team started as a true gale in Gran Canaria, the second half and the victory against Valencia showed some problems and before San Pablo Burgos and MoraBanc Andorra These negative sensations were exacerbated to cause elimination.

A stick, but exceptional

This final phase has been exceptional, with a new format, with matches every other day and after a pandemic when Real Madrid was the first team to be affected by the Covid-19. This question cannot be forgotten and makes criticism less negative. Although it is true that their main rivals have managed to pass, the bump could have happened to any of the teams and the difference has been marked in the tight ends.

Sergio Llull, shooting during the match between Real Madrid and Gran Canaria

ACB Photo

In the end, the defeat against the Burgos was in the last moments, but it is that against the principality team it was for a substantial difference. The character that always accompanies those of Laso and that is usually evidenced by some singular players such as Campazzo, Llull or Rudy was missed in those moments that made the difference and could have prevented the debacle.

Insufficient preparation

It is clear that the work of those of Pablo Laso has not been evidenced on the track. After a great regular season, the high physical load of this final phase has taken its toll and has blinded the white squad facing the basket and, above all, defensively.

There the fatigue factor appears, and that is that the whites have not been as forceful as they usually do. If a team is used to playing many games during the season, that is Real Madrid. In fact, in circumstances with more injuries, he has emerged unscathed. But during this tournament it has become clear that the squad begins to age.

Bounce problems

The two losses have had as a common factor the problems to close the rebound in the white basket. Despite having Tavares, who have performed at an expected level, the rest of the players were outplayed against both San Pablo Burgos and MoraBanc Andorra and lost this fight.

Thad McFadden scores against the white defense in the match between San Pablo Burgos and Real Madrid.

Thad McFadden scores against the white defense in the match between San Pablo Burgos and Real Madrid.

ACB Photo

Nor the minutes of Jordan Mickey, nor the work of Trey Thompkins and Anthony Randolph, nor the experiment of Gabriel Deck, have managed to alleviate this problem. Against San Pablo Burgos this lack was decisive in the final section. In the end it is still a branch of the very root of the problem: the competitive rhythm that has not been found in the last two weeks.

Without the secondary

Facu Campazzo, Sergio Llull and Edy Tavares have performed at a stable level, but the rest of the squad has been more irregular. Anthony Randolph’s moments, the little contribution of Rudy fernandez, a Jaycee Carroll gray in the decisive minutes and a Fabien Caseur disappeared have allowed the debacle of not even playing a semifinals.

Gabriel Deck was the only good news and it is that in the victory against Valencia Basket he took a very important responsibility. The Argentine is the representative of the next generation that has to come and ‘El Tortuga’ is sticking his head out.

The signings do not respond

Neither Nico Laprovittola neither Jordan Mickey have responded during the final phase. The former MVP of the Endesa League and the North American had to demonstrate at this exceptional moment that they could be there when the main actors were not right. They have not met expectations. Even more so in the case of Salah Mejri, whose return has been inconsequential.

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