Mariano Díaz trains in Valdebebas

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The Real Madrid faces an end of course that promises to be heart attack. An 11-game ‘mini league’, 10 after the victory against him Eibar, in which it will keep a pulse from you to you in front of the Barcelona. Any stumble can knock some of the contenders to the canvas in a rivalry that creates fans. If this setback suffered by Madrid, he would bid farewell to the title most awaited by Zinedine Zidane.

The whites, when starting two points below, have a minimum margin of error, although they know that they have the bullet of the particular golaverage in the chamber to raise the title in case of a tie on points.

However, beyond the fight for National League Championship, which is not a minor thing or much less, many players of the current squad will play in these 10 days that reduce their continuity in the best team in the world.

A set of good performances, goals, assists and curdling minutes that dazzle the fans and even bring the title, can be worth a ticket to the 2020/2021 season and to be part of a new cycle of the club, as some exits would put more steps in the way that moves away from the historical team that raised four Champions in five years.

Mariano, James, Brahim and Lucas, close to leaving

If there is someone who is especially difficult to continue at Real Madrid, that is Mariano Diaz. The Spanish-Dominican forward, currently injured and working on the sidelines of the group, returned to the white team with the hope of making a place for himself in the club of his dreams.

Win and work have not been lacking, and even goals in the few opportunities he has had. However, he has never had the confidence of Zidane and has paid more than not to go out last summer, when he was advised by many parts that it was best to find a new destination.

The striker, who has cultivated his scoring side in the lower categories of Factory and that dazzled the world in the Olympique de Lyon, tried to do the same at the Concha Espina club on several occasions, but this summer he will find himself, except for a miracle, before the end of his career at Real Madrid.

Cartel is not lacking, as he remains a highly coveted player by those seeking an insatiable scorer, such as Seville, although perhaps his salary is a major impediment. However, if Real Madrid ends up winning La Liga, his goal against Barça a few seconds after stepping on the pitch will be forever remembered.

Mariano Díaz trains in Valdebebas

Another player who has it really bad to continue is James Rodriguez. The Colombian does not count for Zidane and looking for a way out is a fundamental question for him. His last three seasons have been far from the level he offered in the Brazil World Cup, the one that launched him to stardom. That stellar performance earned him a ticket to Real Madrid that he did take advantage of in his first season under the orders of Ancelotti.

After that, and with Zidane on the bench, the Colombian has failed to convince the French coach who has relegated him to the last position in the rotation in either of his two stages.

His departure to Germanywhere he left some flash on the Bayern Munich, makes it clear that suitors are not lacking, although as the economy of soccer is currently, Madrid will have a difficult time recovering the investment of 80 million made in the Colombian. The Atlético de Madrid and some clubs Italy As the Naples They could bid for one of the most talented lefties in European football with only one year left on their contract.

And speaking of few opportunities, the name of Brahim Diaz. The young Andalusian playmaker, called to follow in the footsteps of his compatriot IscoHe has not gotten any opportunities at Zidane’s Madrid either.

He is, along with Mariano, the player from the first squad who has had the fewest minutes this season, and that, like the striker, in his few appearances has always left good feelings, as in the first game of Copa del Rey before Unionists of Salamanca.

Brahim, in a Real Madrid match

Brahim, in a Real Madrid match

Beyond that, the talented footballer arrived from Manchester City He has almost had no options to show his quality, and that from the club points out that the player is to the liking of Zidane. The line of young signings carried out with mastery by Real Madrid and his youth, who is only 20 years old, can make his future not for sale, but rather the option chosen is a loan that allows him to grow and give way to his immense talent for trying his luck later.

The other great name that has a lot of options to go out this summer is Lucas Vazquez. The end of Curtis He has counted especially little this year for Zidane, less than in previous years, and could be before his last games in the white shirt.

The Galician, who has always known how to find his place from the bench, has contributed work and consistency ahead of others who had more talent, but perhaps that has remained insufficient for Madrid of the future.

The rumors of his departure are not new, although this season they could be definitive. His good relationship with wardrobe heavyweights like Sergio Ramos It is a great link with a squad in which he has spent five seasons. His contract, which ends in 2021, also offers little guarantee of continuity. The Arsenal, who has already shown interest in Lucas in the past, could appear as the main destination, especially if it is at low cost.

Bale’s eternal doubt

Another player who has always been on the starting ramp is Gareth Bale. The Welsh player, called to be one of the stars in the post era Christian, He has not been able to face his role as leader despite being one of the most decisive players in the squad.

His bad relationship with Zidane and with him Santiago Bernabeu Nor have they helped create an environment that can guarantee its continuity. Your agent, Jonathan Barnett He has stated on several occasions that Bale does not want to leave, but the club is working on his departure on the express order of Zidane.

Gareth Bale receives orders from Zinedine Zidane before jumping onto the field against Eibar at Alfredo Di Stefano

Gareth Bale receives orders from Zinedine Zidane before jumping onto the field against Eibar at Alfredo Di Stefano


The relationship between coach and player is unsustainable and translates into the field. The coach does not trust Bale and he has made it known to him season after season until he even asked for his departure publicly, which has translated into a poor performance by the Welshman on the pitch.

Its high cost and high salary are the greatest impediment to the departure of some of the best in the world, whose possible destination could be in England where he still has an important lineup, especially among clubs like Manchester United, Tottenham or Newcastle. China It also appeared as an option a few months ago, although it seems a less attractive destination for a player who is pursued by an eternal doubt.

Jovic and Vinicius, two young men looking for confidence

Market rumors also point to a player who has only been at the club for a short time. Luka Jovic He landed in Madrid last summer at the request of Zidane and in the absence of a team goal. However, their presences in the field have been dropper.

Little prominence, few goals and many doubts generated by a player who cost around 60 million and who has also failed to integrate into the team. His low performance has also been linked to some extra-sporting event such as the problems he had in skipping the quarantine or a controversial injury during confinement, which have fueled doubts about his figure.

Jovic is still a young player who dazzled Europe last season on goal basis in Germany. However, those goals in the German country today Haaland, can provoke his departure at the insistence of clubs like Milan, willing to make an effort to have the Serbian battering ram.

And if the game is among promises, another one that must earn the confidence of the coach in this final stretch is Vinicius Junior. The Brazilian, much more settled in the team than Jovic but with the same lack of goal, needs to take a step forward that will earn him positions on the list of wingers and playmakers.

Isco and Vinicius train in Valdebebas

Isco and Vinicius train in Valdebebas

The places for next year are numbered and men like Hazard, Asensio, Isco or Rodrygo they start with an advantage. Also, rumors about the arrival of players like Haaland, Mbappé or Havertz they must give a bonus to the former player of the Flamengo.

Vinicius must regain joy in the game and continue learning under Zidane’s orders. The Frenchman has not shown full confidence in him, as he has been able to do with his compatriot Rodrygo, but that should only be one more reason for the fast winger to grow.

We must not forget that it remains the same that led Real Madrid for much of last year when the team was adrift and without anyone leading the way. His lack of goal must also be an aspect that the carioca has to polish to sneak in the near future among the great stars of world football and among the leaders of Madrid. A club of the demand of the whites does not usually wait for anyone long.

The end of Areola’s adventure

Who does have his future away from Real Madrid is Alphonse Areola. The French goalkeeper, who arrived as a last minute patch before the departure of Keylor Navas, has lived a different year in the capital of Spain. With few opportunities, when he has taken the field he has been able to demonstrate that he has the value to be a respected goalkeeper in elite soccer, and it would be a nice way to end his adventure in white by lifting the League title. Your hole seems destined for Lunin next season.

The pillars of a historic team

But if there is a future that has the white fans especially in suspense, it is that of three players who are highly trustworthy for Zidane and who, a priori, depend more on the club for their age than on the coach. The first two, in a similar situation, are Marcelo and Modric. Both luxury members of one of the most legendary teams in the history of the club and in the history of football, pillars of the Madrid champion of three Champions in a row and four in five years. Players whose future is difficult to manage.

Marcelo has seen how his performance has dropped considerably in recent seasons. With the ball at his feet, he remains a virtuoso, a player capable of generating from a position as different as that of the left-back.

Luka Modric and Marcelo, training in Valdebebas

Luka Modric and Marcelo, training in Valdebebas

Offensive football and joy in a single world-class player who may have already spent his best days and, therefore, be saying goodbye to Real Madrid. First Reguilon and this year Mendy, They have shown to be one or two steps ahead of the second captain, at least physically, and the return of the side on loan at Sevilla could bring about the departure of Marcelo. The club that has generated the most interest for him has been the Juventus from his friend Cristiano, although the departure of a current banner from the club such as Marcelo does not seem easy.

For his part, Modric is in a similar situation. The tremendous irruption of Valverde And his 34 years can cause that Luka’s writing history with the white shirt is not very long.

One of the best midfielders in the club’s history should have an end as he deserves, but his contract, which ends in 2021, indicates that the fight for renewal or a traumatic departure may be near. Despite this, Zidane’s utmost confidence in the Croatian, whose performance is increasingly ups and downs, has allowed him to continue to count on a large number of minutes.

Florentino Pérez and Sergio Ramos, on the lawn of Alfredo Di Stefano

Florentino Pérez and Sergio Ramos, on the lawn of Alfredo Di Stefano

And, finally, another player who also ends his contract in 2021 and who shares the captaincy with Marcelo, this as first, is Sergio Ramos. The camero does have all the minutes in the world and his physical condition, at 34, is enviable. However, its fight to renew with the entity of Chamartín you can reopen a fire that has left ashes in the past. The center-back wants to extend his relationship for two more years, something the club has never done with a player his age.

For this reason, and in the face of this stubbornness that keeps much of Real Madrid attentive, it could lead to an exit that left an important salary gap in the coffers of the club to undertake more ambitious signings that would create a new cycle. However, today it is difficult to imagine a Real Madrid without Sergio Ramos, especially if at the end of these 10 games he manages to lift the League title with his bracelet on.

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