The reason why Jorge Valdano sees Real Madrid as favorite for La Liga after the break

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Jorge Valdano has intervened this Saturday in Radio stage of Zero Wave. The Argentine has referred to the next round of football in Spain and how this return from the competition can be presented after a break of more than two months. It is clear that his favorite for the title is the Real Madrid and that it will be who benefits the most from the rule of the five changes.

Regarding general terms, see everything as an unknown from this point and you can only enter deeper evaluations when they have been disputed for several days. It is noted that in the Bundesliga Keep winning more away games now that there is no public in the stands.

Everything at stake

“When he stopped, he had already picked up speed and we knew what to expect. Now we have no history of assessing the momentum of each team. All that makes it more interesting. Very important things are going to happen in a very short period of time, each The match is going to be decisive, almost like a tie. “

The League, a mystery

I think the physical base will be good, but the soccer one will not. Soccer is a very particular sport. To play well, you have to play. The League that awaits us is unknown. “

More difficult for the little ones

“Nothing changed in the essentials in the Bundesliga. The psychological aspect changed. There are still many visiting victories than locals. It is even more difficult for a small team to win a big one. Without an audience it is more difficult for them. The correction factor of the public will no longer exist. “

The works of the Bernabéu

“If you come to Real Madrid it is because you have demonstrated that mental energy, but now you cannot fall into any ups and downs. On the contrary, it will serve to greatly advance the Bernabéu. It is impressive at the rate at which you are working. This has hit the play is a huge push. “

The five changes

“Setién is convinced that his team plays on the physical wear of his rival. That wear allows him to make a difference. Bordalás will think that the greats have more weapons. In my opinion, he favors Real Madrid more than anyone.”

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