Marco Asensio celebrates his goal against Valencia

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329 days have passed since Marco Asensio the elastic of the Real Madrid for the last time. The spirits were intoned to see him warm up by the band of the Say Stéfano with the game against him Valencia on going. And the moment came, dressed in pristine white and with the gestures of affection of ZidaneIn the end, the Majorcan jumped onto the pitch … and in what way.

Not a minute had passed, just a few seconds when the ’20’ first touched the ball on his return and did it to beat Cillessen, and make the second for yours after the initial goal of Benzema. Outburst of joy. Marco’s smile said it all, but also his colleagues’, Zidane’s and his staff, that of the substitutes in the stands. Everyone knows how bad it has been these past ten months.

Ferland Mendy, which had not been curdling his best performance since he became the thirteen-time champion of Europe, invented a play on the left wing to give a pass back from the baseline to an Asensio who finished first and who with a cross shot saw the light at the end of the tunnel.

Marco Asensio celebrates his goal against Valencia


Since March 5, 2019, the Spanish international did not see the door in an official match. More than a year without shouting a goal and ten long months, almost eleven, without dressing short and feeling like a footballer. A respite for him, for Zidane, for the club and for all the madridismo he saw in that fateful match of the International Champions Cup against him Arsenal how one of her most precious jewels was seriously injured.

Sledgehammer for Marco

“Tf the tests carried out on our player Marco Asensio by the Real Madrid Medical Services, he has been diagnosed with rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament and the external meniscus of his left knee. The player will undergo surgery in the coming days, “said the medical report made public by the club on July 24, 2019.

Stick for the plans of the white team and a hard blow for the footballer himself, who had ruled out going to the U21 European with the Selection to focus on Real Madrid after the 2018/2019 season had not gone well for him in terms of, above all, his individual performance.

Marco Asensio begins a new stage in his recovery

Operating room and a long recovery ahead. The footballer witnessed all this to his followers. Through social networks he was showing the progress in his recovery and thus he could be seen from walking with the support of crutches and without being able to flex his leg, to see him take his first steps without support and begin to be able to enjoy an Asensio who recovered his smile as he took steps forward.

An unexpected situation

Asensio was expected to practically not return to play during 2019/2020. At the beginning of the course there was speculation that he would be ready by the end of the campaign. A practically lost year, but the coronavirus crisis and the forced stoppage of The league, the Champions League and the rest of the competitions turned their situation 180 degrees.

Then it became known. The domestic championship did not return until June and the Champions League until August. A new beginning. A new opportunity. In May it was time to return to training in that particular ‘de-escalation phase’ that the different teams of First and Second.

Marco Asensio, during the first group training

Marco Asensio, during the first group training

Thus came the first comments. Asensio returned in an outstanding state of form. Would you be able to become one of the important men for Real Madrid in the La Liga final? The ‘signing’ of Zidane for this last section of the course was said in all the media, on the networks … He was a substitute against Eibar, but against Valencia, he returned, scored and won.

Asensio’s star

He is the debut player. Just in the Club World Cup the footballer resisted scoring in his first match in each competition in which he debuted with the white team. A trail difficult to match or beat, but it can be said without complexes that this has been a new ‘debut’ for him. A premiere after many months of hiatus, without being able to do what he likes best.

He couldn’t be happier at the end of the match. “I really wanted to go back, a lot of work,” he said at the foot of the field. “Very happy to come back and score a goal. I have felt a lot of emotion and a lot of satisfaction, there is a lot of work behind this,” he said of the goal that he scored within a few seconds of entering the field.

Asensio scores on his return after injury

Asensio scores on his return after injury


Zidane also referred in a press conference to ’20’: “It means a lot, especially to him. For us it means a lot to see Marco on the field of play, but especially him. We are happy and more than he has scored in the first play, in a few seconds. I’m very happy for him. “

Just over twenty minutes that have gone a long way. It was in the 74 ‘when Asensio entered the field for Fede Valverde. A few seconds later he was celebrating his first goal after the injury. Marco is back and the world of football applauds for that.

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