Javier Tebas, president of LaLiga, in El Partidazo de Movistar +

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Luka Jovic has come under fire again this weekend for a photo he posted on his Instagram. The Serbian striker was accused of breaking the La Liga protocol for the return of the competition for a barbecue that he held at his home, as he taught in the publication he shared with his followers. In his defense he came out Javier Thebes, President of The league, in #Let’s go.

Thebes made it clear that Jovic did not breach anything as shown in his Instagram. The employer’s president, who assured that he came to speak with the Real Madrid On this matter, he based his opinion on two obvious points: the people who appear in the image and the injury that the Serb has from the team.

“I have spoken with Real Madrid, it must be remembered that Jovic does not share training places with the rest of his teammates, but the boy has explained that he was with the people he lives with at home,” said Tebas.

Javier Tebas, president of LaLiga, in El Partidazo de Movistar +

And he added: “It was not a crowd as in the case of the other day in Seville.” It must be remembered that Tebas has already publicly denounced the meeting of four Sevilla footballers in a house with more people, in breach of both the LaLiga protocol and the rules of confinement at that time.

Maximum concentration

Thebes, yes, pointed out that we must follow the protocol to avoid any scare: “Now we still have to keep our attention to the maximum. We have 40 days of hard competition and we can achieve a goal that seemed incredible in mid-March.”

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