Van der Vaart celebrates a goal with Madrid. Photo:

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These days many athletes have taken the opportunity to make direct through their accounts Instagram due to the coronavirus. Van der Vaart was no less and had a digital conversation with his former teammate in the Tottenham Peter Crouch.

The Dutch player spent two seasons in the Real Madrid after playing 75 games and scoring 12 goals. In one of them coincided with Cristiano Ronaldo, specifically in 2009/2010, the first year that the Portuguese wore the white shirt.

In the live with Crouch, Van der Vaart spoke, among other things, of his relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo and of the stage that both players coincided at Real Madrid.

Van der Vaart celebrates a goal with Madrid. Photo:

The Dutchman related an anecdote that occurred in September 2008 when Real Madrid played on the fourth day of La Liga against Sporting from Gijón at Santiago Bernabeu.

“I played with Cristiano. We won 6-0 against Sporting at home. I scored a hat-trick, but he didn’t score a goal and in the dressing room he was angry. Normally, if it had been with you (Crouch), we would have left have a few beers, “he said.

The lapse comes because Cristiano Ronaldo was still a player for the season Manchester United, since he landed in Madrid in 2009. In addition, the result of the match was 7-1 and not 6-0.

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