Achraf says goodbye to Real Madrid with an emotional message:

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Achraf Hakimi has said goodbye to Real Madrid this Friday after his recent transfer to Inter Milan. The Moroccan winger leaves for the Italian team and leaves 40 million euros in the coffers of the club where he grew up from the age of 6. He has some nice words to reflect how happy he was at La Fábrica and assures that from this moment he will become one more among the millions of Real Madrid fans around the world.

“I never imagined that this moment could come. It is not a farewell because you cannot say goodbye to your house, you can get away, but it will always be the home where I found the happiness and values ​​that have made me grow.

Real Madrid is my home, I was raised, pampered and educated so that I became the person that I am right now. At Real Madrid not only athletes are trained. I entered through the door of Valdebebas at the age of 6 without being able to imagine how happy I was going to be in there.

Thank you to each and every one of the Club workers, to my coaches and to all my colleagues (most of them really friends) who have accompanied me in this beautiful stage of my life.

Finally, thank all the Madrid fans who supported me and who will continue to support the team at all times. Now I will be one of them.

Thank you very much Real Madrid!


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