Jose Mourinho and Aitor Karanka at Real Madrid

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Aitor Karanka talked about Karim Benzema and assured that after the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo heading to Juventus Turin, the French striker assumed the stripes and “took the lead” in the white team. The ‘9’ has been hotly debated since its arrival, but more and more are surrendering to it.

“What we are seeing from Karim is him; and not just the heel. He has taken the lead after Cristiano left. Sergio is the team leader, but that leadership in terms of goals and assists that Cristiano left empty is taking Karim. An example of what he is like are the statements he made after the game, with that normality that he sees things and plays soccer. When you play with that calmness and you show it on the field, with the physical point he has, Karim is capable of doing things like that and still much better, “said the Basque coach.

He didn’t just talk about Real Madrid, in conversation with the EFE Agency, but also on the latest controversies that have had as protagonists in the Barcelona to Quique Setién and Eder Sarabia: “The second coach has to be the best for his coach, that’s why they are positions of trust. In my case, I knew what he could give to José and the entire coaching staff. The profile of the second coach has to be, first , the personality and second, what the coach demands, more tactical, physical aspect, I think that is the secret: give the first coach what he needs. “

Jose Mourinho and Aitor Karanka at Real Madrid


“In my case it is the same. In England someone who helps me with the language explaining the exercises, for example. In the end, that is the coach’s right hand to transmit what he wants because sometimes the second coach has to do it”, added an Aitor Karanka who although now flies alone, was previously the second of Jose Mourinho at Real Madrid from 2010 to 2013.


From July 6 to 31, the Basque coach will organize the Future Talents by Aitor Karanka campus, which will take place in the northern area of Madrid: “I like being able to contribute something. First to the coaches and now to the boys and girls so they can have fun, leave the house and learn. We are going to put in English classes. After what we are going through, meet again with friends and friends and being on a soccer field to spend this time and learn is beautiful. We know that these are difficult times, that there is a lot of uncertainty, but we hope that the boys and girls and the parents who leave them on campus have a great time ” .

Aitor Karanka during a match as a coach

Aitor Karanka during a match as a coach


He also organized the trainers congress that took place last June: “The truth is that very positive because with all the changes we had to make during the process due to the whole situation we were experiencing. At first we wanted to do it face-to-face, but the situation forced us to change the scenery until we finally had to do it online. Very happy because there were first-rate speakers and because of the ‘feedback’ we have had from people who have also seen it very well, especially highlighting that we have reached 77 different countries. “

The ‘new’ football

To end your meeting with EFEKaranka also spoke about how he is seeing football after the break caused by the crisis of the coronavirus: “There are several changes. I already said it when I was a player and now that I am a coach, there are game moments when you can’t stand it anymore and with the help of the public you have strength and you don’t know where; and right now it’s complicated, of course Then there are the hydration stops, which are becoming more tactical stops. The five changes, that the coaches who manage it better have a greater advantage. In the end, the more quality you have in the squad, the more advantage you will have. “

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