Timo Werner, during a match

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Transfers. Summer starts and with it this exciting window that opens every year in the world of football: the transfer market. All fans want to know the new faces that will come to their teams, but this year, due to the coronavirus pandemic, he pointed out that movements were going to be much smaller and less significant.

The first days of the market are not saying the same thing. The first big signings of the summer are already taking place and it does not seem very different from what happened in other years. Up to ten operations so far exceed 30 million euros. Two of them had been announced before the crisis: Ziyech Chelsea (40M) and Trincao to Barça (31M). Three other are options of executed purchases: Morata for Atlético (56M), Icardi by PSG (50M) and Lo celso by Tottenham (32M).

The first movements that are taking place now are surprising. Since Timo Werner Chelsea for 53 ‘kilos’ up Thiago Alcantara, who will leave Bayern to sign for Liverpool for another 35 million. Movements that do not show glimpses of a crisis that experts anticipated. And although the first signings are contrary to those who expected a slump in the market, in practice it can be seen that the teams are taking advantage of methods to ‘avoid’ the crisis.

Timo Werner, during a match

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The ‘Chelsea case’

The exception would be Chelsea, a team that in two movements (Ziyech and Werner) already exceeds 90 million in expenses and is going to Kai Havertz, from Bayer Leverkusen, who would come out at least between 70-80 ‘kilos’. But there is a reason for this high disbursement of the blues and that is that last summer they could not sign due to the FIFA sanction they suffered. Thus, this summer market seems to be willing to jump the bank despite the financial damage it may have suffered due to the stoppage and the empty door.

Arthur Melo, during a match with Barça

Arthur Melo, during a match with Barça


Undercover barter

Two other operations that have surprised have been those of Arthur Melo and Miralem Pjanic They have taken opposite paths and will change the Barcelona shirt for Juventus and vice versa. His signings are the most expensive for now, paying Juve for Arthur 72 million and Barça for Pjanic 60. Operations independent of each other, but tricks to use.

The reason that their prices are so high is a strategy to balance the accounts of both. Barça, for example, had to enter 70 ‘kilos’ before July 1 to meet its sales revenue forecast. Arthur’s was accomplished in one trick. The only ‘real’ part of the figures is the 12 million more that Barça will receive for both operations. This has been the first big barter of the summer, but more will come.

Leroy Sané, in a Manchester City training

Leroy Sané, in a Manchester City training

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Market ‘bargains’

Several of the signings that have been seen have a common trend and that is that the players were entering their last year of contract. This has always meant a decrease in the price of footballers and this year was not going to be less. Thus, despite dealing with large disbursements, such as Werner, Leroy Sané or the imminent transfer of Thiago, these are produced for a price lower than the real value.

With Werner, its value is 64 and 53 million are paid. With Sané the thing increases and is that its value is 80 and what is paid is 50 to Manchester City by Bayern. Thiago, finally, is worth 48 and will leave the Bavarian club for 35.

Achraf Hakimi's goal celebration in protest of the death of George Floyd

Achraf Hakimi’s goal celebration in protest of the death of George Floyd


Big ones that sell

If the grown-ups want not to have to tighten their belts too much to sign, the solution is to sell. Sell ​​well and in the key of players that are not a drama for the team. This is the case of Bayern, who has removed 35 ‘kilos’ for Thiago who had a contract in 2021 to pay three-quarters of Sané’s pass.

Or Real Madrid, which has made a big sale with the 40 million entered from Achraf Hakimi. With the position covered in the first team with the presence of Dani Carvajal and the claims of the player himself, who wanted to leave, Madrid has opted for a definitive sale that can help to face a future signing or clean up the club’s coffers.

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