Marcelo takes a ball in front of Real Sociedad

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He Real Madrid have The league In tray. He Barca He has not been able to keep up with the pace that this return from the competition has imposed after the break, he has not found the secret to keep his team fresh and he has been losing points little by little until he left the set of Zinedine Zidane to win the national scepter three years later.

A victory this Thursday over the Getafe would put whites four points above the team Quique Setién plus the won golaverage, an unimaginable situation before kicking off the restart of the championship. Despite the 0-3 of the first leg and that Bordalás They have not known how to handle this lap too well, and nobody knows what this azulón team is capable of doing. He Say Stefano It will have to be that fort that has been so far.

But if we talk about fortifications, we must highlight the defense of Real Madrid. If this team has changed from one year to the other, it is the attitude shown by the players in this fundamental aspect. It is impossible to make up for the lack of goal that left him orphaned Cristiano Ronaldo, but it is possible to fit less and uneven the marker with the quality of the template.

Defensive fortress

This is the fate that Zidane has installed on the head of his players. Not just down the four-back line, the defensive sacrifice that involves even Karim Benzema is the secret of this League, if you finally lift it Sergio Ramos in the middle of July as everything seems to indicate.

Marcelo takes a ball in front of Real Sociedad


The captain is probably to blame for all this. In the end, he is the team leader and exercises from behind. The focus is always put on him when there are errors, normal even in the best defense in history, but his criteria for going to the robbery are rarely praised, an issue with which he has generated goals this season, or his way of correcting companions. Ramos is not only the top scorer in La Liga, he is also the central defender that every team in his club wishes he had.

But it is that Zidane knows that this line of four is so essential that it rotates little. It is not a matter of trust, for example it is seen on the left side where Mendy and Marcelo have the same opportunities, if not that is the basis for Courtois I also won the Zamora the one he’s fighting for and currently leads. Ramos, Varane and Carvajal they are irreplaceable.

Team attitude

The white goalkeeper is also the great reason for being of this Madrid of Zidane 2.0. The Belgian has risen one level and has shown this season why the sports management paid 30 million to the Chelsea. The Courtois wall has managed to get the whites out of both Classics without conceding a goal against Barça de Messi. That data says it all.

Portu overcomes the pressure of Sergio Ramos

Portu overcomes the pressure of Sergio Ramos


There is no doubt that since Casemiro He received that message from Zidane saying that he was going to be the best in his position, things are better for the white entity. The maximum recuperator of La Liga makes this Real Madrid defend better and can risk more in attack. He has even shown that he has a goal with the five goals he has scored this season.

Also to blame for this year’s performance is the appearance of Fede Valverde. The Uruguayan has taken the center of the white field to another level, putting his intensity and character. The white team is no longer understood in the same way without this young player who will make the transition smoother after the withdrawal of a player of the magnitude of Luka modric.

But it must also be said that the youngest have understood that they have to work to succeed at this Real Madrid. Every time they go out to the field, Vinicius Jr. and Rodrygo they know they have an offensive and a defensive role. The first, the most prominent in this return of national football, is not only falling in love with Real Madrid for its overflow or its controls, it also does so because it presses, drops and steals. And we all know that there is nothing that raises the BernabéuAlthough he cannot do it now, what to see the team sacrifice for the common good. Goals make the difference, but this is created by not fitting into this new Madrid of Zidane.

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