Benzema celebrates his goal against Manchester City

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It’s just over a week before the Real Madrid get back to work for the next season. An express preseason since The league returns on September 12, although the white club will not debut until a day later for its match against him Manchester City that forced him to finish the course later. Although there are already several figures of the team that are thoroughly crushed. One is Karim Benzema.

The French forward continues to impress his followers on social media. Benzema does not stop training and now he has surprised everyone with his exercises in a public park. In two stories of Instagram He showed on video how he strengthens his muscles even with the bars in a park. A very hard training that is not enough to stop Real Madrid’s ‘9’.

Although another detail of the videos has almost surprised as much or more. In another published video, he appears training with a ball, which is easily seen as an official model of the Juventus. That has caused a great stir in the Italian press, where they echo the video and speculate with a possible arrival of Benzema to the set White black where does his ex-partner and friend play Cristiano Ronaldo.

What is clear is that Benzema feels ready for the new season. At Real Madrid, he has become an indispensable pillar for Zidane and he’s coming off one of his best campaigns of his entire career. Will he be able to overcome himself in 2020/2021? Karim is doing everything he can to make it happen.

Benzema celebrates his goal against Manchester City


Cristiano – Benzema

In recent days, the possibility of seeing the Frenchman with Cristiano again has been explored in Italy. The Gazzetta dello Sport He pointed out a few days ago that the Portuguese striker would have asked Karim Benzema to the Italian club to re-form that pair that gave him such good results during his years at Real Madrid. “The great harmony” that these two players had would be the excuse that Cristiano would have given to the Turinese sports management so that they try to get the services of the Frenchman.

In fact, the intention with this signing would be to form a trident with Paul Dybala With which Cristiano feels that he would come out strengthened and would feel assisted to continue doing what he has been given best during his career: scoring goals. The forward believes he is the key to continuing to make Juventus win in Italy and storm the European throne.

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