Camavinga in training with Rennais

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Eduardo Camavinga He is a sensational footballer at 17 years of age. The player of the Stade Rennais FC he has something that makes him different from the rest when he is only a few months away from reaching the age of majority. It is no coincidence that he is a key player in a first division team and that the Real Madrid has laid eyes on him.

It is about a player called to dominate the center of the field of any great of Europe. Footballer with a lot of personality and self-confidence, it does not seem to scare him to have reached the League 1 despite being so young. The Franco-Angolan player cannot see the seams and is a privileged person both physically and mentally, in addition to having an exquisite ball control.

At Real Madrid they soon had him under their radar, even before his name made the covers around the world. It is about a player who in the ‘White House’ they know perfectly well and all the reports that come in are excellent. That is why the white club is seriously considering his signing.

Camavinga in training with Rennais

Twitter (@staderennais)

In addition, he is a footballer very much liked by Zinedine Zidane, and few people have more voice right now in the white club’s signings than the current manager, who could help Camavinga to adapt quickly to the team and the city thanks to the cultural and language synergies they share.

However, many say that Camavinga has been a flower of a day and that Madrid is willing to sign a player who has not yet shown anything, but to show a button. Already in the first match of Ligue 1 of the 2020-2021 season, he has shown that he is a special footballer, capable of changing games despite being a midfielder without an excessive offensive vocation.

Camavinga’s first show of the season

The Stade Rennais FC ’10’ came onto the pitch in the 64th minute to replace his teammate Bourigeaud to give a complete display. His team lost 1-0 to him Little and it only took 10 minutes to serve his partner Da silva the tying goal with a header. But more than that, what really stood out was his sense of a total footballer, able to cover a lot of space on the field, his speed to get to the cut and his sense of the game.

Camavinga assists Da Silva to make the tie

Camavinga assists Da Silva to make the tie

Twitter (@staderennais)

Camavinga is a footballer who stands out for always being well placed, being able to give support to his teammates in any situation on the field and for playing the ball with great criteria, often with one touch, something that is key in elite football . In addition, it is a great generator of spaces due to its ability to quickly release the ball, which hinders the pressure of the rival. And all because football passes through their head before that of their rivals, and when it comes through their feet it is too late for them.

Another of his great virtues, and one that he made clear in his duel against Lille, is his leadership. Without being a particularly fast footballer, he does have a great gallop when he drives the ball, always glued to the boot and being able to dribble rivals to quickly launch his team’s offense.

Already on this first day of the French championship he left a mark of the house driving dribbling two rivals and getting rid of the third with a spectacular pipe to launch the counter. A true spectacle the first minutes of the Camavinga season with an arsenal of infinite resources that make him be compared to footballers of the stature of Fernando Redondo. The objective of Real Madrid shines at the first change.

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