Reinier and Casemiro, in a Real Madrid training session

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He Borussia Dortmund has confirmed that it is in negotiations to take over Reinier. The Brazilian player, belonging to Real Madrid, will be on loan this season to continue tanning at the highest level. The German club has shown great interest in his arrival and has assured that they want to reach an agreement. However, the whole process “has not yet finished” and confirming their arrival has been avoided.

The coach of the German team, Lucien favre, has made clear the intentions of his team in words to Sport1. The Swiss has defined Reinier as “a very young player” who will be “on loan from Real Madrid”: However, everything “is not over yet” despite the fact that “that’s the plan.”

His intention with the Brazilian is to use him in various positions on the field. Take advantage of their versatility and fill various positions on the pitch. “He can play as a false nine,” explained the coach. To sign him would be to incorporate a “very very young” player, with a “very offensive” character and with a “good finish”. All this without forgetting his young age: “He can still learn a lot.”

Reinier and Casemiro, in a Real Madrid training session

The departure to Borussia Dortmund would be very beneficial for the player. In addition to following the same path as other young people like Achraf, who has managed to earn the respect of the football elite until signing for the Inter Milan, the team’s technician has already detailed all the game possibilities he would have. A detail that reflects the interest in your arrival.

As if that were not enough, Dortmund has finished the season of the Bundesliga in a great second position behind the Bayern. That is to say, next season he will be in the Champions League again and will give Reinier the possibility of harnessing himself in the best club-level competition in Europe.

Reinier and his suitors

The 18-year-old Brazilian has numerous offers. He Valladolid of Ronaldo already showed some interest, but also German clubs like the Leverkusen. Real Madrid, far from rushing any operation, continues to analyze together with the player the best for his future.

The plan in Valdebebas is that it meets expectations, but far from the capital so as not to slow down its progression. At the end of the day it is to do the same as with other names such as Odegaard, which has ended up convincing Zidane thanks to its explosion in the Real society.

The Bundesliga He has a level for Reinier and that option to play in the Champions League is an extra for the Brazilian. A Dortmund badge that other interested clubs do not have and that could tip the balance in their favor. If the good relationship with the German club is added to that, Reinier could be living in Madrid in his last days.

His departure will lighten the Real Madrid staff, which continues to seek more transfers and sales with the aim of improving the club’s accounts in the face of the months of crisis generated by Covid-19, as well as exceeding 100 million euros in sales.

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