Gareth Bale and Ryan Giggs

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Gareth Bale will play again, but not to play with him Real Madrid, at least for now, but to compete with the Wales national team. The winger has been summoned by a Ryan giggs who continues to relentlessly defend the soccer player from Cardiff.

Giggs was asked about the player’s lack of minutes and whether that will make his performance worse with his national team. “For me, as his coach, it is nothing new. He has not had minutes and it has been the last 18 months. I have had to deal with that. He (Gareth) is a good professional and always keeps fit,” he said the selector.

“He’s been available to me in every qualifying round game. Okay, I always say you want your players to play regularly so they have competition rhythm. And I don’t always have that. The way Gareth takes care of himself , getting into focus and looking forward to playing has never been a problem until now, “Giggs continued.

Gareth Bale and Ryan Giggs


The soccer legend in UK He explained that he had not spoken with Bale in this time, but that during the rallies they do it at length. “I haven’t really discussed it with him. I chat with him (Bale) when he’s in concentration. On the contrary, I let him move on. He’s a player and a person experienced in handling the situation. So I don’t want to add anything else. “, explained the technician.

“I talk to him in focus to see how he is mentally and physically. He is always in good spirits and excited to be in focus. It has never been a problem for me and it has been a pleasure working with him. When is he a concern for You? To leave on loan before the Euro? It is something with which I adapt. I will never get the perfect squad or the starting eleven, “Giggs said on the subject.

The future is anyone’s guess

What he wanted to make clear also about the ‘Bale theme’ is that anything can happen from here to the following commitments, which will take place already in the month of September, or in the Eurocup held next summer. In fact, the most important tournament at the national team level in the Old Continent should have been played during the months of June and July 2020, but Covid-19 prevented it.

“There is always something, a player who does not play or a late injury. I need to adapt. If it becomes a problem in six months, we will have to see it. I do not see that it is a problem for these games,” he said about the matches of the break. September.

Looking further, Ryan Giggs commented that “who knows what will happen in the future.” What he did defend is that Gareth Bale “is always in shape and wants to play.” Sometimes his body does not allow him to play two games, but he always makes himself available to play, “concluded Ryan Giggs about ‘The Cardiff Express’.

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