In Brazil they put Dortmund in the lead in the battle for Reinier

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The environment of Reinier Jesus You have received a call that could change all the plans you had planned for the Real Madrid for him. He Borussia Dortmund has knocked on the door of the young Brazilian pearl, as reported Goal Brazil. The player, as it could not be otherwise, has received with enthusiasm this offer to land on loan at the German club, but the entity continues to want him to play next season in The league.

It is not the first foreign team to take an interest in their services. He Bayer Leverkusen has already tested the young midfielder to leave this next season heading to Germany with the same approach as their counterparts in Rhineland: they offer you to play European matches. The leap in quality, after premiering this year in Second B in football on this continent, it would be obvious.

Even so, the white club has been clear at all times that the priority for it to continue its football growth is that it falls to a club in the First division, with the Real Valladolid of Ronaldo how the best placed team. The main reason is the question of your visa, since the more years you accumulate in the country, the sooner you will free the barrier of non-EU citizens that right now prevents you from playing with the first team.

It should be remembered that right now Vinicius Jr., Rodrygo Goes and Eder Militao they still have that condition and that the limit in the country is three non-EU. The next to get Spanish nationality will be the first on the list and it is hoped that he can arrive next summer. In this way, or Takefusa kubo o Reinier could already go on to play with the first team.

The state of the situation

Everything happens because the club convinces an environment that is in no hurry to close the team to which Reinier will belong next season. The phone does not stop ringing and they are studying all the options that the clubs pose. There are more in Spain who have been interested in their claims, some who have even already withdrawn from the fight for not being able to fulfill or ensure them.

Real Madrid’s number one goal with Reinier is for his training to be completed. His quality is consistent with a maturity that was decisive for his signing. Shy off the pitch, daring when he receives the ball on a soccer field. He is a player destined to be important in EuropeBut every step you take must be careful. The stakes are high when you have a diamond in the rough in your hands like this is the case. Calm and temperance are the virtues that should reign in this decision.

Your first year

Reinier has played just three games in which he has added two goals and one assist. He has not been able to play more games because of the stoppage for him coronavirus. He scored both goals in the only game he played in full; before him Coruxo at Alfredo Di Stefano. Reality invites us to think that it could give more in that final stretch of the season and, who knows, if it would lead the team to qualify for the promotion playoff to Second division.

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