Aouar celebrates a goal with Lyon.  Photo: Twitter (@HoussemAouar)

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Houssem Aouar He is only 22 years old and a good part of the great teams of Europe following in his footsteps. The pearl of Lyon olympic She has been established in the ranks of the French team for some time and it could be time for her to change of scene and take the next step in her sports career. And there is nothing that seems to stop the player if she decides to leave Lyon and a good offer arrives.

This has been recognized by the Brazilian Juninho Pernambucano, who now acts as Lyon’s sports director. The former footballer and mythical figure of the team in which he is now a manager has spoken in an interview that includes Daily Mirror and acknowledges that Aouar could come out this summer.

“When you have great players in the squad, it is quite logical that other bigger teams with greater economic power come looking for them. I have already spoken with the president that, if we lose important players, we will have the right to balance the squad,” Juninho said in reference to the future of Aouar. In Lyon they open the doors to the sale of their important players and Aouar is one of them.

Aouar celebrates a goal with Lyon. Photo: Twitter (@HoussemAouar)

These words will have reached that string of teams that are behind the French midfielder. Some of them are Manchester City, Juventus, PSG and Real Madrid. Throughout the season, the interest of these teams has come to light, and they now have the pearl of Lyon within their reach, a team that has just eliminated Juve in the round of 16 Champions League.

Strengthening the midfield

In the case of Real Madrid, Aouar is an alternative to midfield. Although the white club does not plan to invest in signings this season, his name is still on the agenda in case sales go well and an incorporation of his caliber can be undertaken. The area of ​​the core is the one indicated in Madrid to reinforce and Aouar is one of the preferences if it finally goes to the market.

Madrid already configures its squad for next season and has decided that Martin Odegaard will be part of it. Will come out James Rodriguez and, at the expense of what happens to others like Isco, the white club is interested in reinforcing itself with another footballer. Ceballos He could follow in Odegaard’s footsteps and stay after his loan, or he could sign a footballer, which in this case could be Aouar.

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