Marcelo sends a message to Alphonso Davies after portraying Semedo

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He Bayern Munich became a brand new semifinalist of the Champions League after beating the Barcelona in Lisbon. So far everything could sound normal, but if you look at the result that the scoreboard reflected after the final whistle, things change. 2-8 the Bavarians won. A 2-8 that leaves Barça touched and from which many actions could be highlighted, but especially one: the play of the fifth goal.

The game was a party for the fans of the German team, for the Bayern players who could not feel more comfortable on the pitch and also for all those who wanted the defeat of the culé. But with the fifth of the afternoon, the delirium arrived. Alphonso davies a play was invented out of nowhere.

The ball he received from the left wing seemed harmless. But the Canadian drove the ball and went at speed, to meet him was Semedo, who as if it were a child could not do anything against Davies, who ended up portraying the Barça side. The set player Munich reached the bottom line and ended up attending Kimmich, who only had to push her.

Then three more goals would still come from Bayern Munich. A “historical humiliation”, as it has been described, of which they have also taken chest in the German dressing room. They deserve it. Alphonso Davies wrote a message on his account Instagram next to a photo with Leo messi and this post received a most unexpected response.

Marcelo, yes, the side of the Real Madrid, was the one who answered the post published by Alphonso Davies after Bayern Munich’s victory over Barcelona. “You bring joy to my eyes when I see you play,” wrote the second captain in the aforementioned social network. A comment that has been followed by more than 500 other users of the platform.

A joy for madridismo

Marcelo has exemplified the feelings of millions of Madridistas all over the planet. It is no secret that when the eternal rival plays, the fans of the other team want him to be defeated. After what happened in front of Manchester City, the critics, the doubts … it was confirmed that the joy goes through neighborhoods.

If a week ago it was the Real Madrid fans who had to put up with the jokes of their rivals and asked for explanations for what happened, now it is Barcelona’s turn. Several pointed and a Quique Setien that he will stop being a culé coach in the next few days.

The Blaugrana fans have not hesitated to make their discomfort visible. Chants upon arrival of the team at the hotel and also upon departure, as well as banners. “Mercenaries”, “scoundrels” are just some of the ‘beautiful’ words they dedicate to all members of the club, including players like Pique and Messi.

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